Jewelry wholesale-Good quality jewelries can be brought from Viennois-online


Top Enterprise Quality
Viennois have more than 10 years of expertise in jewelries and accessories in china. have own design, manufacturing , through ISO9000.
Factory Pirce Guarantee
Our products are from viennois factories, then ship to you, save a lot of money for you.
No-Risk Guarantee
we sell will give you 100% satisfaction or 3-day no-risk return it for a refund
Exclusive Designs
We have own professional jewelry design team And the designs is from forefront of fashion.

Product Name Modern Champagne Glass Stone Collar Necklace Trendy Nigeria Luxurious Style Champagne Collar Necklace
G5306251 G5306244
Detail Item Specifications Item Specifications
SKU G5306251 SKU G5306244
Category Collar Necklace Category Collar Necklace
Country of Origin China Country of Origin China
Main Gemstone type Glass Stone Main Gemstone type Cubic Zirconia
Electrogilding 14K Gold Plated Electrogilding 14K Gold Plated
Regional Styles Nigeria Luxurious Style Regional Styles Nigeria Luxurious Style
Jewelry Metal Alloy Jewelry Metal Alloy
Main Colour champagne Main Colour champagne
Electrogilding Hollow Out Hot Element Foral
Regional Styles European style
Net Weight 0.01KG / Pieces Net Weight 0.01KG / Pieces
Availability 40 Pieces 38 Pieces
Description Alloy has three common attributes of the very good corrosion resistance, good plasticity and high strength. Besides, different alloy will also have any other good traits. So the jewelry made by alloy always win the favors from all the people who like fashions.Champagne is a kind soft color that make woman look more elegant and charming, so jewelry in champagne color is good in looking for woman. And also viennois-online provides you jewelry in good quality and delicate design.Simple matching
If your clothes has a complicated collar with too many decorations, your necklace should be in simple style because if you put too many decorations on your neck, which is not beautiful.
Healthy and high quality materials
This necklace is none cadimium and nickel on the base, release by EC certification and SGS Report. All the materials taken are in high quality and experienced strict nation quality standard.
Alloy takes an important role in making fashion jewelry by influencing images, durability and cost. Just because of such a wonderful impact, the importance anyone interested in wearing or buying jewelry develops a common knowing of alloy as it relates to fashion jewelry.14K gold plated technology is very popular in jewelry making, because 14K gold plated jewelry has a bright color and elegant appearance same as the pure gold. Besides, it also has a cheaper price than gold jewelry.Fashion product
Viennois designers are brave and creative to blend different fashion elements to design, which leads the way for international fashion and culture. Viennois’ vanguard design concept and diversified jewellery has been treated as a wine vane in fashion. Viennois holds its young and energetic orientation, and also it is popular with young people at home and abroad all the time.
Daily care
Gems and gem quality items if improperly stored can cause damage to each other. Diamonds, for example, may scratch rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. To be on the safe side, be sure that gemstones and other jewellery do not touch each other. Cultured pearls need special care because of their softness. Clean and dry the pearls prior to storing them in a special chamois pouch safe from potential harm.
MSRP US$ 19.60 /Pieces US$ 117.62 /Pieces
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Jewelry Article

Good quality jewelries can be brought from Viennois-online

Jewelry is considered to be the perfect ornament for any woman, especially those with high quality and delicate design, which is the great addition to the woman’s personal sense of style. If you are looking for such kinds of jewelries to enhance your personal appearance and complement your wardrobe, you can do the wholesale of different styles of jewelries online, from which you can get a valuable price and the latest design.

Fashion jewelry from Viennois-online which are produced in China and have different styles based on the different characteristic of different countries. The major reason why Viennois-online jewelry designs are very famous is that high quality materials are used while designing as well as construction. It can meet the needs of the fashion trend and the intricate designs are the common feature of jewelry from Viennois-online.

As the best 14k gold plated jewelry sets supplier, it features beautiful colors and classic designs. Those women who are about to marry or when there is some important occasions will prefer to choose what they like here and the budget can also be very small. If you cannot find what you desire, you can also customize your preferred styles. It is also a very good idea for you to engrave your partner’s name on your rings if you are choosing the wedding rings.

Besides, it seems that buying gold plated jewelry wholesale is of great popularity in recent years for its longer duration and we have more discounts here, so they can afford to pay more amounts towards them.

In a word, being the fashionable wholesaler, Viennois-online is great for combining a classic design with a present day materials. The designs are enameled on various things like beautiful jewelry made of gold, silver, and other materials with high quality and bright luster. The most important thing is that the jewelry here can be easier to match any outfit and then create a greatly attractive look. If you also need much knowledge of our products, you are welcomed to contact us directly.

Viennois is a jewelry company with over 20 years experience in fashion jewelry industry, and now it has become a leading company in jewelry industry and the NO.1 jewelry exporter in China. So on the aspects of fashion trend of jewelry and fashion jewelry matching, viennois have the ability to lead the mainstream. To know more about the swarovski wholesale, connect with me on facebook or Google+.


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