How to wholesale the best rhinestone watches

It is common to see women wearing different types of jewelry to make decoration. Apart from the simple use of cosmetics, they also like the uniqueness of rhinestone jewelry, which in fact loved by all the people of different ages. It can be worn for different occasions and match different outfits. Now let’s see the latest designs in custom, and you will know how perfect it is in collocation.

2014 fashion designs in costume

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AHOY! There goes the Acne we know, sailing down the catwalk with wearable ease – the hallmark which it had been losing over the past couple of seasons. The reason we say “ahoy”? Because the collection’s starting point was a poem called Till Havs which translates as “At Sea” – and there was a distinct nautical tone to the collection too: in the bold and bright colors (yellow, red, blue and white), the workwear and utility shapes, the jaunty little subsiding fisherman caps and the wide-leg trousers. It felt like a fresher outing this time – it must be that sea air.

Wholesale rhinestone watches match with these wonderful costumes

Please imagine that if wholesale rhinestone watches to match the above trendy costume, how perfect it will look! The gorgeous rhinestone watches look very comfortable and lightweight. It of course will be the new trend in watches! These stylish rhinestone-accented watches feature a soft silicone band, making them comfortable enough for everyday wear. This set of two includes one white and one light pink watch, both fastened with a secure buckle clasp.

The followings are the most popular designs in the watches from Viennois-online recommended to you.

All these watches are featured in young, passion as well as fashion. They also feature a soft, silicone band and cubic zirconia accent stones and other fashion materials surrounding the face. You will definitely get much profit from wholesale rhinestone jewelry, especially watches. Again, you can find them from Viennois-online.

Viennois-online started jewelry wholesale business online years ago, began a new business mode, small wholesale and wholesale at dozen pack purchase online, china factory sell direct to both online and offline retailers & resellers. Sourcing China long-term fashion jewelry wholesale supplier, Viennois-online would be your first choice to improve your business ROI.

Designers from there have creative thinking and unique perspective for fashion especially for fashion jewelry. With long history in fashion jewelry industry, the jewelry style has been treated as wind vine in fashion jewelry world. To know more about wholesale fashion watches or jewelry wearing and matching, please connect with me on Viennois facebook or Google+

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