Forecast the 2014 spring hot sale jewelry sets, tips for jewelry sets wholesalers

No matter if you received, bought or inherited a piece of jewelry, the world about it can be downright puzzling. There is a lot of time and information that goes into buying and selling jewelry. You need to know what kind of jewelry sets are hot selling and are loved by people. Therefore, the best way to find them is to see what is happening in the runway designs and where you can get these most fashionable wholesale jewelry sets.

2014 runway fashion design in costume

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and so, too, are the trends that are beginning to define the upcoming ready-to-wear season. When it comes to what shades will be on the cutting edge, the combination of black and white is proving its staying power, while icy pastels and hints of pink are getting into the mix.

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Yesterday gave us a glimpse at what the future holds: sandals, floaty hemlines, and a whole lot of pedi appointments. Finally (we hope!), the time has come to ditch the sweaters and salt-stained boots and make way for a whole new season.

2014 hot color in jewelry sets- green

According hot color predict

Forward with nature: We start the spring/summer 2014 forecast with one of the most basic yet inspiring colors – green. The color has become as important as blue and for the future season it will continue to inspire with shades that balance between the natural and the artificial. As we are moving away from neon shades, we focus on more mature and nature-kissed bright lime and yellow colors.

Viennois-online 2014 hot selling jewelry sets forecast

Green vintage style crystals jewelry sets will lead the trend this spring, which can bring out your passion, enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards life. They are therefore will lead the trend this season without any doubt.

With the mature designing and manufacturing process in Viennois-online, all jewelry sets with high quality standards is provided.

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