Why are the wholesale Swarovski crystal brooches so popular for the wedding?

If you are searching for wholesale wedding jewelry, if you would like to wholesale some hot choices for your consumers, then please do not forget to wholesale Swarovski crystal brooches, which are so popular recently. This is because they have so many ways to use them.

1. They can be used to add to bouquet.

The idea of adding these beautiful brooches to a bouquet is loved by all the bridals in a wedding, which is regarded as a creative way and this unique bouquet will be long-lasting compared to the fresh flowers. So romantic a wedding is and they will bring you an unforgettable memory.

2. They can be worn in the hair.

It will be a great choice for people to tie a brooch into hair accessory, which are decorated with beads, pearls, crystals or flowers to make them look attractive. It seems like a small detail but it can always spell the difference between boring wedding attire and an exciting one. Actually, a beautiful hair accessory can even replace a veil together and stand alone.

3. They can be pinned to clutch purse.

Though a clutch purse is not a necessary item in the wedding reception, but it can bring you convenience when you have some little jewelry like makeup and some other items. If your brooch has a pin back, add it to your clutch purse for a mix of something old with something new.

4. They can be attached to shoes as clips.

Shoes are a crucial element to the overall look on the wedding day. All girls know how difficult it is to find shoes that will complement attire. What more if you are trying to look for a pair that would match your wedding gown. Of course, if the shoes do not look “bridal” enough, one way to solve this problem is to get Swarovski crystal brooches clipped to your shoes.

In a word, the brooch is becoming more and more popular and it can be used for so many different occasions and always can bring different decoration to an outfit. Of course, a good wholesale collection should not just include the brooches and you can also wholesale Swarovski crystal earrings, rings, necklaces to complete your purchases.

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This article come from:http://swarovskijewelrywholesale.weebly.com/1/post/2014/03/why-are-the-wholesale-swarovski-crystal-brooches-so-popular-for-the-wedding.html


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