Jewelry Industry News: Why China Is the Best Choice in Fashion Jewelry Wholesale?

Wholesale fashion jewelry from China is always a good choice when sourcing for cheap but quality jewelry for resell. Both sourcing online and offline, you may come with a problem. There are so many jewelry styles and designs available and you just got overwhelmed. When you are creaming:” OMG, WHERE TO START FROM” Then here are the jewelry types you can start.

Stud Earrings:

stud earrings

Among all different earring types, stud earrings has a widely fans because they are not too bold neither not too boring. Especially those classic materials and designs. Material like rhinestone and pearl are very basic in fashion jewelry making. They are easy to go with any type of dressing styles and widely welcomed by women and girls. Styles like classic button studs, from tiny, small too big and bold. Different size of button studs just caters to different style girls’ need. Just feel easy to wholesale all kinds of stud earrings, your customers will show their love to them.

Bangle Bracelets:


Bangles bracelet is one of that fashion jewelry that easy to get chic immediately. So girls and women love them. Bangle bracelets can make from any materials like metal, wood, plastic and more. This kind of bracelets is easy to stack with other bracelets. Almost every girl has one or two bangle bracelets in their wardrobe and they are never satisfied with what they have. So you will see a lot of girls are hungering for new designs in your store if you got enough trendy and hot bangle bracelets for them.

Long Necklaces:


Among all fashion accessories, long necklaces are the most basic jewelry for all seasons. Long necklaces are easy to elongate girls’ body and easy to wear for all times. Every girl needs it in their wardrobe. Both perfect for summer’s plain t-shirts, for fall and winter’s plain sweaters. Long necklaces are just like a fashion magic, it easily turn a boring outfit to an attractive one.

If you are still wondering where to start, just ask yourself and as many female friends or families as you can, what are the basic jewelry they would love to have. Narrow the styles scope, start from the most basic ones. Then build your business step by step until it grows to a successful business that can provide you with economic satisfaction and spiritual pleasure.

Start your sourcing plan by browsing fashion jewelry catalog today.

Wholesale Fashion Earrings Online

Fashion earrings are among the basic fashion costume jewelry women wear every day. Almost every woman own more than five pairs of different earrings and more than 30% buy earrings monthly. Women are burned shopper. Everything women related will never out of the stage.

The market for fashion jewelry and for fashion earrings is always in demand no matter how the economy is. The economy just effect the quality and the value women need for their accessory but will never beat their desire for fashion. Thus, if you are in the fashion industry and want to start your small shop in your area you should never worry about the market.

The market is there, women buy different fashion earrings to complete their different outfit or different occasions. For a successful business, you need to offer your customers the earrings they want. Here is the question, where your target customers’ interest is lies.

Every successful business looks easy but may not that easy. You need to get the right products for the right customer. First, get to know your target customer. Like, their income, what price range products can they afford? Their taste, what quality products they will like? Their style, what style of earrings they wear the most?

All of those small questions help you to decide what your small shop will look like and what kind of store you will have.

After you figured out all of those basic questions, it’s time for you to find the right products for your customer. If you can wholesale fashion earrings in your local and get a quite good price that is fine, but the disadvantage for local stock is that your products are easily get clash with other stores. That turns to be less competitive and force you to lower the selling price to compete with others.

However, with the development of internet now everybody in every corner of the earth is able to buy products from other country. With a little taste for fashion and a little careful online research you have the chance to be the first business man/woman sells the most popular products in your country. Uniqueness means competitiveness. Competitiveness brings profit.

In fact, wholesale fashion jewelry online is not a big deal for many wealthy county now, with the development of international logistics, many small countries are able to wholesale products directly from the production base county like China and many other Southeast Asia countries.

Take your chance to a successful business. Wholesale fashion earrings direct from China to start your own shop. Success never comes in one night. Just find a point and stick to it. You will finally get where you want be. Good Luck!

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