Why and how to buy wholesale jewelry from China

I commonly receive questions asking for advices on two different jewelry topics:

1 why choose to buy wholesale jewelry from China?

2 How to buy wholesale jewelry from China?

If you are looking to starting your jewelry business, then you can take a time to read about some of the following tips, which is concluded based on my own purchasing experience and do not have sugar-coat on it.

Why choose to buy wholesale jewelry from China?

Jewelry industry has experienced remarkable growth in production and sales in recent year. And more and more global jewelry agents and distributors prefer to buy wholesale jewelry from China. The reasons can be concluded as the followings.

1 There is complete manufacturing system and rich jewelry choice in China.

Compared to other jewelry manufacturing in the world, China jewelry manufacturing has formed a professional industrial group in so many areas, like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu and so on, which presents the three major bases in China jewelry manufacturing. For its complete jewelry industrial system, the rapid response and working efficiency are numbered around the globe. No matter what styles of jewelry you like, you both can be able to find in China.

Many wholesalers and other jewelry agents are often amazed at that China wholesale fashion jewelry manufacturers can always delivery in the shortest possible time to meet the requirements from their customers, which can also explain why China has become one of the most global jewelry manufacturing centers.

2 You can always have the innovative jewelry and catch the fashion trend in China.

With becoming the first class in the jewelry company, the Chinese jewelry manufacturers can keep up with the global fashion trends all the time along with the healthy environment protection and .

In addition, there are more and more jewelry companies in China have innovation capacity and with social responsibility grow. They have the ability to design and manufacture new and fashionable jewelry.

3 You can make your cost effective from the low prices yet high quality jewelry.

With so many labors in China, the jewelries therefore also have a low cost and their sale prices are also lower than others in the rest of the world. Though the price of labor in China have increased recently, it remains cheaper compared with the labors around the world.

At the same time, in order to keep the low price, more and more wholesale jewelry China suppliers begin to attract the purchaser in the design aspect. Unlike before, jewelry made in china wholesale has begun to focus on original jewelry design instead of manufacturing others’ products through imitation.

In a word, if you are a jewelry wholesaler, buying wholesale jewelry from China will be your right choice.

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How to buy wholesale jewelry from China?

Selling jewelry online can be profitable, I think. And with so many varieties of jewelries to choose in China, the most critical step for you to do your purchases is to find a reliable source of wholesale jewelry supplies.

1 You can star with a trusted directory online. One good choice is Alibab.com where you can find the products all around the world, and you can find plenty of Chinese suppliers in this single location. Another trusted one is made-in-china.com, which conducts extensive credit checks on China supplier and makes it easier for you to find the reliable supplier. These two websites are the ones I commonly use, but now I have found Viennois-online.com to have long term cooperation with, it always provides me with high quality jewelry and fashionable accessories, from which I can often get the repeat orders.

2 Then get reference and check them out. Perhaps this seems simple enough, but following this can help eliminate most of the potential trading partners. Ask the person whom you are emailing with to provide you some references of others that they have done business with directly, so that you can contact for a reference. They can definitely be able to provide at least one for you, which in this way, can you get much information about the supplier you are dealing with. If not, run away and please do not look back.

3 After you have found the reliable supplier, please note the quality of the jewelry you are going to buy. When you receive a sample or send someone in to check the goods, what is your opinion of the good quality? A supplier is willing to send out a sample that in high quality, but please make sure when you place an order, what you get are also in the same quality as you are expecting.


In brief, if you are likely to buy wholesale jewelry from China, you can keep what I said above in mind, so that you can get the best supplier and best wholesale jewelry with good discounts and high quality to help maximize your profit. You and your customer both can benefit from buying jewelry. Also, if possible, please let know if the tips are helpful for you, thank you!

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