What should be considered when choose the OEM manufacturer

I have been involved in choosing China OEM manufacturers for so many years, so that I have developed some of my own standards for this aspect.

Make sure that if the manufacturer is Real or not.

There are so many manufacturers in the internet from China. Not all of them are real existence. Some of them use the Internet and sourcing websites to make themselves look much better than they are. You should be cautious about its information as quickly as possible.

1. The best way for you is to visit the factory personally if possible. It is shocking how much variation there is in manufacturing systems even within developed areas such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai. Factories making a virtually identical product can range from those using primitive hand techniques to automated equipment. Be skeptical about the photos they provide. You must go to look personally.

2. Remember to use your time efficiently in your journey to factory. Please set a goal first before you go to. What every foreign buyer must realize is that any factory owner can create the illusion of being a strong business by putting on a show for the foreign buyer. Knowing what you want to get will save you much time.

Make sure that if the manufacturer is Good enough.

After you have known that the manufacturer is real, what can you choose the best one from them? You should also take the following three aspects into consideration. Take Viennois as an example.

1. If the manufacturer has the best designer teams determine that what you get are the mostnes. Viennois has 100 excellent designers, they are top designers in China leading the industry and extremely experienced artificers. Viennois designer takes time to do research on fashion trend so that they can create fashion.

2. If the manufacturer has long term cooperation partners determine if it is reliable. Viennois builds up long term relationship with brands SK-II, OLAY, COGI, P&G, OCHIRLY and international first class brand, the reason they choose Viennois is that it got true and deep understanding of their brand and fashion, every products it make are exclusive and unique.

3. If it has mature manufacturing ability determines that you can get the high quality OEM jewelry. With more than 18 years manufacture experiences, Viennois has more than 3000 Staffs and its annual outputs are nearly hundred million pcs. Viennois ranks as top 1 custom jewelry manufacturer among thousands of jewelry companies in China in 3 years.

Once you get used to using an approach like the one I use above, you will find that you can weed out the bad factories very quickly. Also know that good factories are rare and you should work immediately to build a relationship. Good OEM manufactures like Viennois-online in Guangzhou, China, and there is just a sense that you can get anything done as per your preference there. Hope you can find the best manufacturer to produce custom jewelry wholesale you are pleased with.

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