Top four cocktail rings styles for 2014

It is a fact that females are the greatest admirer of ornaments and they always wants to make their wardrobe with precious ornaments. There are a variety of jewelries for your choices, like earrings, rings, necklaces, bangles and soon. But among all of these, rings are the most selling and in demand jewelry item, therefore, to wholesale rings can bring you many benefits and many people will opt to buy wholesale cocktail rings by adorning these rings. When looking for this type of rings, you can consider the following top five styles.

Gemstone cocktail rings

Viennois High Quality Plating 18K Gold Fashion Ring

Many people wear cocktail rings to get the bling of a diamond with a more personalized touch. Gemstones come in a wide variety of colors, without the high price tag of a diamond. When choosing a gemstone, many people choose to go with their birthstones. There are also a large of different gemstones for your choices, therefore you can understand the different gemstones and their unique colors. in this way, you can find the dazzling and perfect gemstone cocktail rings for any wardrobe.

Pearl cocktail rings

Best Glass Stone Diamond Cluster Cocktail Ring

Pearl is loved by all people because of its unique luster. The beautiful pearl cocktail rings can be worn in any occasion and can be easily matched with any outfit. This flamboyant is perfect for any special event. This cocktail ring though flamboyant yet it manages to give a romantic and soft look because of the use of pearls.

Floral cocktail rings

Sparkling 925 Sliver With Silver Oxide Plating Emerald Ring

Floral cocktail rings are among the trendiest pieces of jewelry at the moment. A ring with a unique design of flower work for both young and mature fashion lovers. It can be made of so many different materials like multicolor cubic zirconia in ruby, amethyst and the sapphire, which add glitter and glamour to this interesting, feminine and very pretty dinner floral cocktail rings.

Cocktail rings with novel designs

Novel Style Fashion Rose Gold Plating Cat's Eye Stone Ring

There are so many abstract shapes designed into the cocktail rings, like animals, insects or other types of plants and so on, which can make your collection diversified. When choosing wholesale cocktail rings, you can also choose something like the novelty cocktail rings to make you whole collection adorable. Not only will your fashion taste be improved, but also repeated customer can be brought. Indulge yourself in this wonderful cocktail rings!

Cocktail rings are enjoying a surge in popularity because they are regarded as the perfect way to accessorize any outfit with style and ease. The right gemstone cocktail rings can bring you better benefit. Also because of their bold and beautiful design, cocktail rings are not easy to ignore. With the help of Viennois-online, you can also find a pleasant wholesale cocktail rings style with an ease.

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