2014 hot sale trendy jewelry, wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen

Fashion jewelry items are one of the most beneficial ways to increase looks, compliment outfits and showcase fashion senses, which also enable them to win so many popularities among the people. What makes hot sale jewelry? It should contain current trendy element and also you can know the latest fashion accessories from runway shows like pinterest, glamour, and vogue and so on. And you can get them from Viennois-online at last.

Top 4 jewelry trends as see on our favorite street- style Stars

2014 jewelry must-have: One Really Rockin’ Ring

All it takes is one look-at-me ring to make a style statement, even for your most-basic outfits. Clothes this fall are bold, and a chunky ring with gems, metalwork, and geometric shapes complement the look.


2014 jewelry must-have: A Gem-Drenched Bib Necklace

Fall’s best bib necklaces have that “dripping with jewels” look, but all in one cascading piece. Kudos to this cool chick spotted on the street; she paired one with her awesome Mickey Mouse sweatshirt.


2014 jewelry must-have: Fall Jewelry Must-Have: Bold Dangle Earrings

We love this trend. It’s so retro-chic. So Sade in the ’80s. And all you need to do is throw your hair in a ponytail and go!


2014 jewelry must have: Fall Jewelry Must-Have: A Cool Gold Cuff

Above sources are from: glamour.com

As these style stars know, a strong gold cuff adds instant elegance to fall’s casual looks.

Wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen from Viennois-online

What the styles mentioned above are particularly popular for 2014 fashion. It also determines that these styles will be the best selling styles. Do you also want to wholesale this fashion jewelry by the dozen to improve your business? Take a minute to come to Viennois-online to have a look.

You can find totally more than 90000 fashion jewelry and accessories in stock from Viennois-online, more than 100 top designers, keep update 2000 new designs every month to support wholesale buyers to make local hot sale. Besides, all products reach global standards, ISO 9000, EC and SGC report gets, which means that all you get from there will be of high quality and healthy materials at the same time. No matter what you are looking for, from material to style, from colors to collocation, from design to usages, all you want can be found there with an ease and pleasant. It is absolutely the right choice for you if you would like to wholesale jewelry by the dozen in top quality and most fashionable designs.

To state it again, as you can see, there is a lot of information available on the topic of jewelry. If you would like to wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen, Viennois-online should be your first choice.

To get more information, you can refer to its official website or Viennois Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ViennoisonlineWholesale

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