Seven earrings trends for 2014

The following earrings trends for 2014 list aims to serve as a guideline for wholesalers purchase in the new year, highlighting pieces and materials trending now, based on the clothing color, red carpet and so on at the market. Stud earrings, drop and dangle earrings, huggie earrings, 925 silver earrings, Swarovski crystal earrings, cubic zirconia earrings, gold plated earrings, these seven styles earrings are final trend on the list, here are why they are important wholesale earrings this year.

Stud earrings

These are an ideal to accent minimalist looks, as well as fave among Hollywood stars who wear them to awards shows and are loved for those celebrities who walk in the red carpet. Stud earring, a classic but simple design is a perennial fashion favorite. They are perfect for those who would like to find go-to accessories at affordable prices. They are cute and covetable stud styles, and it is a companion look that should be on your radar.

Drop and dangle earrings

Drop and dangle earrings are a far more diverse category than stud earrings, so that they can cover anything from classic to modern styles for every woman’s taste. They are a touch of being feminine and elegant. Whenever you wear them, they can make a striking fashion statement and you will be therefore the most attractive lady in the occasion.

Huggie earrings

Huggie earrings are also known as cartilage earrings. These can be worn by both for men and women. A perfect representation of attraction, the Viennois-online huggie earrings are feminine and dainty. This amazing design will give the wearer a sparkle to remember. It is easy to put them on and take them off. They are the best selection for wearing every day. Please do not miss them.

925 silver earrings

The sparkling 925 silver earrings are loved by almost all the people. They can be worn for any occasions and for people of different personality. From Viennois-online, you can wholesale the best 925 silver earrings featuring the hottest styles all at amazing prices. They are all made with the finest quality materials.

Swarovski crystal earrings

Swarovski crystals come in a variety of colors ranging from shocking, bold red to calm, soothing blues. To achieve an elegant and sophisticated look, Swarovski crystal earrings can help to create. Accent a fashion ensemble with a touch of elegance and delicate with a pair of shining and stunning Swarovski earrings.

Cubic zirconia earrings

Viennois-online has a stylish collection of wonderful cubic zirconia earrings. They look like diamonds, but are a fraction of the cost. They are timeless and classic which means that they can be wear for every season of every year and there are so many different cubic zirconia earrings to choose from. For that reason, stud earrings are fantastic gift giving options as well.

Gold plated earrings

Plated in high quality 14k gold, the earrings from Viennois-online are available in heart, start, round and square cuts and in a choice of colors. Whether you like your fashion earrings delicate or you like bold statement that a huge pair makes, gold plated earrings which can showcase the styles can be found. Also because the options are so affordable, it is possible to have earrings that meet the different needs from different people.

Viennois-online is your source for the newest jewelry, trends, market analysis, and trade shows insight and so on. In the mainstream of fashion jewelry, Viennois has held its own view to create unique fashion style, which has been treated as company culture. From selecting to matching, from color to materials, Viennois has its own inspection rules. To get more information, you can refer to its official website or Viennois Facebook:

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