How to choose wholesale jewelry from China

It is difficult for foreigners to find comprehensive information on how to choose jewelry from China, but when a website named introduced complete information to numerous resources throughout the world, purchasing jewelry from China at most reasonable costs become an easy job. Viennois-online, a jewelry company with over 20 years experience in fashion jewelry industry can always provide you the most reliable information. Now let’s see how to access the best wholesale jewelry from China.

When choosing wholesale silver jewelry, we should know:

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Silver jewelry is more preferable than gold ones. They are also gorgeous, luxurious, valuable and also affordable. Silver jewelry pieces, like earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets match almost any color ensemble and skin color. But if you would like to wholesale silver jewelry, please take into consideration at least two aspects:

1. Check for authenticity. You need to make sure that if the metal is genuine. If the jewelry will often be stamped with the number 925, “sterling”, “ster” or “sterling silver” and so on. It is important to choose a jewelry supplier or dealer you trust.

2. Shop the trendy styles. Silver jewelry can be found in almost any style, which makes the silver jewelry perfect choice for self-expression and experimentation. What you need to do is to get the trendy styles in unique look.

When choosing gold alloy jewelry, we should know:

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To improve the durability of pieces, manufacturers add metal alloys to the gold. Please pay attention to the following two aspects.

1. Gold alloy jewelry is less expensive. Jewelry made of gold alloys may also be called as “gold filled” jewelry. The solution to making gold consumer-friendly is to mix it with another metal, creating an alloy that results in a sturdier and frequently less-expensive piece.

2. Be cautious about the potential problems it may raise. Metal alloys increase the hardness of gold and can alter some other attributes, such as tarnish resistance, color, and value. Some of the most common alloys used in gold jewelry are copper, nickel, and zinc. People who have metal allergies should avoid low-karat gold because high amounts of nickel can trigger skin reactions.

When choosing gemstone jewelry, we should know:

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Shopping for gemstones jewelry can be confusing, because prices are sometimes very different for jewelry that appears to be similar. Use the following three guides in the process of your purchasing.

1. Color. It is one of the most important elements when choosing a gemstone. Generally speaking, the purest and most vivid color a gem have will also the most expensive one due to the rareness of the gemstone’s rich color.

2. Cutting. It is another factor that features beautiful gemstone jewelry. There should be brilliance and scintillation evenly across the face of the gem and there shouldn’t be dark lifeless areas or washed-out zones.

3. Carat weight. The carat weight of a gemstone will always depend on your budget. You must buy an average sized gemstone with good color, cut and clarity. Please mind that this term ‘Carat’ is different from the term ‘Karat’ which is used to describe gold’s fineness or purity.

When choosing pearl jewelry, we should know:

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Like all gemstones, pearls have different qualities which can make them more beautiful and more valuable than others. There are also two factors to determine the quality of pearls that you buy.

1. Luster. An amount of light reflected from the pearl’s surface. Highest quality will have the best luster.

2. Shape. Although many shapes are available, perfectly round pearls are the rarest and most valuable. Button pearls are round on one side and flat on the opposite end.

3. Types. Pearls are divided into two main categories. Freshwater pearls (cultivated) and saltwater pearls (natural or wild). Although these pearls may sometimes look quite similar, they come from different sources.

When choosing cubic zirconia jewelry, we should know:

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Cubic zirconia (CZ) jewelry is the most widely-bought diamond alternative on the market. Follow these two steps to buy cubic zirconia jewelry.

1. Gather basic information. You should know what you are going to shop for before you place your order. You should know what the best ones for you are. You should also know the best way to get the jewelry in your budget.

2. Find a source. An online search will produce a multitude of CZ jewelry wholesalers that you can shop with.


No matter what kind of jewelry from China you would like to wholesale, finding a reliable supplier will be the most crucial step. Now that you are here, in Viennois-online, you can save a lot of time to find what you want.

Viennois-online, china fashion jewelry and accessories manufacturer, since 1996, exports fashion jewelry directly to foreign agents, trade companies and importers. It guarantees the professional services and high quality jewelry because of its professional teams and exquisite designing process. Choose these best selling jewelry from here to begin your quick success in China now!

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