Beaded bracelet wholesale buying guides

Beaded bracelets are making a comeback with the current trends and can be worn for casually or formally. They are fabulous accessories that suitable for any fashionable outfits. With so large market it has, beaded bracelet wholesale also becomes the favors from the wholesale buyers. However, how to get the best collection of these wonderful pieces? Use these three tips for your shopping.

1. Look at the bead type:

Make sure that you have learned enough knowledge about beaded bracelets before your purchasing. Beaded bracelets can be made with gorgeous gemstones, sparkling glass, kitschy plastic, natural wood and many other materials. Gemstone and pearl bracelets are beautiful and they can add colors to any outfit, while metal beads will look sleek and contemporary on the wrist. To create distinctive jewelry look, you need to know the bead types so as to get the trendiest and popular styles.

2. Consider the bead size:

Bead jewelry is available in a range of sizes. When choose wholesale beaded bracelets, consider the wrist size of the people. The common bracelets length is 6.5 inches, of course, longer and shorter bracelets are also available. If you are also unsure about the size, you can also your wholesale supplier, who will offer you the most professional answering and solution. Some jewelry suppliers like Viennois-online can also customize the styles and the sizes as your requirements. In a word, beads of different sizes offer beaded bracelets selections variety and styles. Please remember to pay attention to this aspect.

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3. Contemplate extras:

One of the most important factors you need to consider is the quality of your beaded bracelet wholesale. Many beaded bracelets are unique, with extra metalwork and some decorative touches. But you need to confirm the quality of your jewelry, which is another way to enhance the styles of the jewelry and make the jewelry look “high-end” and “textured feel”. For example, a thick toggle clasp can bring heavy-metal style to the wearer’s great look.

Taking these basic aspects of the beaded bracelets wholesale into consideration, we can easily come to the conclusion that it is not an easy thing to get your bracelets wholesale collection, but once you have known how to do that and know where to get that, you can always get the best collection catching the fashion trend and gaining loyalty customers.

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