Top five reasons to choose wholesale enamel rings

Enameling is a new technology that used in the jewelry industry to create a smooth, good looking surface. When you are looking for gorgeous jewelry, you can choose between famous platinum and affordable wholesale enamel rings. Whether you want to wholesale wedding rings, engagement ring or fashion rings, enamel rings should be considered into your wholesale collection. Our facts about wholesale enamel rings will help you decide if they are right choices for you.

Individual Design On Foral Vintage Style Animal Floral Ring

1. They can be in high quality

Enamel jewelry is normally made with fire, fusing a special glass powder onto the metal. This type of enamel ring is of higher quality than other “enamel” ring that was made with a cold resin. Most sellers of this type of rings include descriptions of the method used to make it. If the jewelry was torched with fire, the quality will be better. Enamel rings made with resin that gets painted on is of lower quality and will not last as long. Therefore, if you would like to wholesale enamel rings, please pay close attention to this aspect.

2. They create a lifetime of beauty

Wedding rings and engagement rings should look lovely for a lifetime, and even fashion rings and cocktail rings owe people decades of accessorizing. Enamel rings is hypoallergenic, which makes it best choice for anyone with sensitive skin. With so many various choices and colors available, wholesale enamel rings will be a fantastic option to your wholesale collection, because they will be loved by your customers.

3. They are exclusive in designs

Many people try to wear only one “statement piece” at a time since many jewelry are often large or chunky, which will help to keep the jewelry from overwhelming the outfit. Enamel rings are one of these choices. Because of the unique technology applied in the jewelry, you can find them in exclusively unique styles and appearance and none of them will be the same.

4. They are inexpensive

If you would like to look for a bold ring with a lot of styles, you can consider wholesale enamel rings. As we have mentioned above, the perfect ring styles will be loved by those who prefer dramatic and stunning rings. Besides, affordable prices will be another irresistible reason for the buyers.

5. They need no maintain

Enamel rings are very low-maintenance. Sterling silver can tarnish and require heavy-duty cleaning, but enamel jewelry will remain the same for decades. A quick steam cleaning at your professional jeweler will get your enamel rings clean and keep them looking lovely. Spend more time picking out the best rings and less time cleaning your jewelry with platinum rings.


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