List of three main places to wholesale China jewelry

China has been emerged as a popular manufacturer of affordable and beautiful ranges of jewelry that is suitable for different kinds of fashion tastes and styles. There are so many websites available which allow all the wholesalers and retailers to wholesale a variety of China jewelry including wholesale rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets and so on at wholesale prices. The following 3 places are listed for your reference if you are looking for wholesale China jewelry.

Place NO.1: Viennois-online from Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is a city that is strategically located along the banks of the Pearl River, which is also regarded as the cultural center of the Guangdong province. It marks an excellent port of foreign trade and it has been served as the gateway to lucrative business deals. If you would like to find wholesale China jewelry, Guangzhou should be the first place coming to you to ensure your wholesale collection.

Guangzhou Viennois-online, with more than 20 years experience in the fashion industry has become a leading company in jewelry industry and the NO.1 jewelry exporter in China with high reputation. On this website people will be able to choose from more than 900000 styles of fashion jewelry on sale, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bangles, crystal jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, 925 Silver Jewelry and much more. All jewelry items are of the highest quality and always look amazing because all jewelry items from Viennois-online go through a strict quality control process thus the buyers can have 100% confidence in the products’ quality. In addition, it offers excellent, comprehensive customer service every step of the way, which means that buyers are encouraged to make inquiries before and after their purchase through either live chat or via email.

If you are searching for the top quality China jewelry, Viennois-online should be your best choice.

Place NO.2: Neoglory jewelry from Yiwu, China

Different regions of China specialize in different products and there is both a wide range of choice of manufacturers accordingly. Yiwu is also a large wholesale jewelry market connecting with tens of thousands of factories there. Cheapest China jewelry can be found from this international jewelry market.

Zhejiang Neoglory Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales with a diverse range of alloy, claw chain, copper & silver, crystal, and acrylic and its products has been exported to over 70 countries and areas. Neoglory has an unbeatable reputation in the jewelry industry because of its relatively low price. The products are very popular with customers at home and abroad. Prices vary from a few cents to a few hundred dollars and you can get really good dollars store items. Also due to the extremely affordable prices of China jewelry, they make a great item for wholesale buyers to sell it to their customers. You can get potential benefits by purchasing China jewelry on factory prices. And you also can save a lot of time and efforts from wholesale China jewelry. That is to say, if you would like to get cheapest prices but not very high quality China jewelry, you can choose Yiwu market.

Place NO.3: Sphere jewelry from Shenzhen, China

Home to around 3,600 jewelry companies, Shenzhen is another big jewelry manufacturing, processing and trading centre in mainland China. The value of Shenzhen’s jewelry processing and retail sales total over RMB 100 billion and RMB 140 billion respectively, according to the Shenzhen Gold & Jewelry Association.

Founded in 2006 and located in Shenzhen, China, Shenzhen Sphere Jewelry Co., Ltd is specialized in the processing, design and export of fashion China jewelries made in stainless steel and titanium. 7-year manufacturing experience brings you fashion jewelries that excel in quality. Customers’ products can have guarantee of confidentiality. They devote themselves to classic and elegant female jewelry, and aim at exploring cost-effective manufacturing methods. Over 400 models in their catalog are available for your selection. In a word, Your OME and ODM orders are most welcome if you would like to wholesale custom China jewelry.

The China jewelry market is exploding and poised to become the leader in worldwide jewelry marketing. Hope you can get the satisfying wholesale jewelry from China.

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