The Five Hottest Fashion Rings for the Young Ladies

Rings are one of the most fashionable pieces of jewelry at the moment. If what a celebrity wears can indicate something, a simple diamond and platinum setting rings will not be the norm any more. Then what’s hot when it comes to the latest trends in rings? Fashion rings are great for jewelry lovers of all ages, but the young are really embracing the trend. If you would like to wholesale rings, start with these top 5 fashion ring styles:

1. Cubic zirconia rings

Well Designed Russian Style Halloween Animal Floral Ring

Cubic zirconia has been regarded as the alternatives of the diamonds. Because of its competitive prices, cubic zirconia rings allow women to indulge in extravagant rings without emptying their bank accounts. They are available in a range of styles and each is very durable. High quality cubic zirconia rings can be found in every price range. They can be worn to match the any outfit and occasions. Now that you are aware of many stylish cubic zirconia rings, begin your wholesale rings collections now to win favors from your customers.

2. Gemstone rings

Discount Resin Cubic Zirconia Single Gemstone Ring

Gemstone rings are a fabulous way to add opulence to any ensemble, so that they have increasingly popularity among the young. There are also many different modern styles for the wholesalers to choose from. These rings often have a touch of whimsy, because the stones are incorporated directly into the ring band and are typically dotted around the surface in an artistic fashion. They are sometime also raised to allow plenty of light to pass through the stone, making it popular choice for any styles of rings. Choose wholesale gemstone rings to catch the trends in the wholesale rings.

3. Gold plated rings

Cost Worthy Valentine's Day Japan -Korea Sweet Style Fashion Tail Ring

“Vintage-style” rings can bring retro designs back to life in a new and interesting ways. So the lustrous and valuable as well as subtle and classy gold rings are “always” in styles. However, the prices of the gold prices also “always” in a high place. To get the same decoration of the gold, gold plated rings or gold filled rings will give the best value for money. If you are looking for wholesale rings for young ladies, do not miss such wonderful wholesale gold plated rings.

4. Cocktail rings

Superb Quality Auden Crystal Alloy Cocktail Ring

The days of modest bare fingers are gone. More and more young people prefer to show their great sense of styles and personality. Cocktail rings are often meant to be large and dramatic, which make them perfect choices for the young. Besides, they are also affordable enough. That is to say the current trend would come to the fashion stage again since 1950s. Wholesale cocktail rings should be included in your wholesale rings collection which will capture everyone’s attention with their large and attractive designs.

5. Sterling silver rings

Sterling silver, also known as 925 silver is the brightest of all the precious metals. Because of its bright color and shiny look, the 925 silver rings also loved by all the people. You can always find the sterling silver rings always in the latest styles. With the more affordable prices and durable designs, it is very common to see there is a great number of sterling silver rings in the wholesale rings market. It is also worth you to do your purchases now!

Hope you can find the most beautiful wholesale rings for your wholesale jewelry collection for all the young ladies using these 5 tips.

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