Know more about necklaces before wholesale necklaces

Necklaces are popular choices because they can add interest to any outfit and can help draw attention from others. There are many different types of necklaces and a myriad of styles in every category, which might leave you wondering what styles should be added to your collection. You need to know more about necklaces before wholesale necklaces.

Minsk Trendy Alloy Swarovski Crystal Fashion Short Necklace


There are so many common necklaces terms you should consult before you begin your purchases. For instance, a finish that features diamond-shaped facets cut into metal jewelry to make it reflect light. There are two main styles in the wholesale necklaces.

1. Chain necklace.

These are very common and possibly the most popular choices for people. Usually found in gold or silver, they can also be gold-filled, plated, or made of some other metal. When looking for chain necklaces, buyers should be aware of the different terms that are used to describe them, such as “Box clasp”, one of the sturdier clasp types, is also called a pressure clasp; the tongue-and-groove construction forms a cube-shaped closure. Another is “snake chain”. The links form a very smooth, round cable. This chain tends to drape like a ribbon.

2. Beaded necklace.

Beaded necklaces may be composed of any type of beads including pearls, glass beads, semi-precious stones, and even plastic. Whatever the type of bead, there are a few terms that buyers need to know. These terms refer to the styles of the necklaces are uniform, graduated, and bib. A uniform necklace is composed of equal sized beads. A graduated necklace has increasing sized beads, usually with the smallest near the clasp. While a bib necklace has three or even more strands, each longer than the next one.


Necklaces for adults come in several lengths, from 12 inches to 45 inches. Buying right lengths, buyers should ask the jewelry wholesalers clearly before wholesale necklaces. Now let’s review the most popular necklace lengths and their names, which would be easier for you when the time comes to find that perfect length necklace!


One of the more common is a “choker.” A choker will typically vary from 14 – 16 inches. These are made to sit high and close to the neck.

“Princess Necklace”:

A necklace called a “Princess Necklace” is 16 to 18 inches long. This usually lies between the lower neck and bust line.


A “matinée” strand is 20 to 24 inches long and sits at the bust line. This is about twice the length of a choker.


Anything longer than 32 inches is a “rope” necklace. Many people will take pearl strands of this length and create a larger look with this one strand.


Another common necklace is a multi-strand necklace in which the strands twist around each other. These necklaces will come in different lengths.


A “bib” necklace has three or more concentric strands. The lowest hanging strand generally does not exceed matinee length (20 to 24 inches). The highest is typically at choker length.


Lariat or rope length is generally not joined at the ends so it can be wrapped around the neck one or more times. This kind of necklace is worn by women only.

Finding the right wholesale necklaces from Viennois-online

Once you have decided what kinds of necklaces will be hot selling for you, visit the wholesale necklaces on Viennois-online, where you will find them in different kinds of styles and each of styles may vary in terms of necklace length. All the latest necklaces with unbeatable prices can be founded from Viennois-online.

With over 20 years in the fashion industries with a team of qualified experienced staff and designers, Viennois-online has a high quality wholesale necklace that is unrivalled in the market, which also means that it can be a reliable source for any jewelry items you need. Inspired by rich experience in fashion world, all the jewelry from Viennois-online are novel in patterns and styles. Fashion elements are embodied completely in the necklaces designs.


When you shop for wholesale necklaces, you are likely to find those necklaces that you think are the most beautiful or choose based on the fashion trend. But it is helpful all the time to understand a bit about different types of necklaces. Hope you can get different types of necklaces to diversify your jewelry collection to win favors from your customers and hope you can have a pleasant wholesale purchasing experiences on Viennois-online.

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