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Jewelry will never go out of fashion and it is preferred by most people looking to buy jewelry. For this reason, it is widely sold by both jewelry wholesalers and retailers. The crux now is to find a reliable supplier that can give you want at the time they wish.

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Where can I find the best fashion jewelry?

Many fashion jewelry wholesalers are now using the latest technique to sell their products and online market is booming with the jewelry wholesalers to sell their products. Selecting the right jewelry supplier is an essential decision you have to make. One best option here for your choice is Viennois-online, which provides you with various choices with competitive prices.

A brief introduction about Viennois-online:

Viennois-online founded in 1996, is the leading fashion jewelry wholesaler and manufacturer from China with more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry and its jewelry are loved by more than 7000 retailers in 50 countries. They are creating a new design every week and have the reputed market name in China.

Viennois focuses on creating and developing its own brand with exquisite works all along. It has won many fashion design awards in 1999, 2002, 2004, 2006, including the Gold medal of ASIA’S FASHION JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES DESIGN COMPETITION. Furthermore, Brand “Viennois” has awarded by the TOP TEN CHINESE BRAND IN FASHION JEWELRY INDUSTRY in 2006. After 10 years development, Viennois Group has become the pacesetter of fashion jewelry in China, and also the model of the world! As the leading enterprise of fashion jewelry industry, it should be your first choice if you would like to wholesale fashion jewelry from a reliable jewelry wholesaler.

More specifically, the reasons why choose it as your jewelry wholesaler can be concluded as the followings:

High quality jewelry: Quality is an important factor applying not only to vendor’s adherence to specification, but also whether the product is packed adequately and includes agree-upon marketing materials. As a good jewelry wholesaler, all the jewelry from Viennois-online is made of handpicked materials which healthy and beautiful, and also undergoes a strict testing and quality control procedure. All products reach global standards, ISO 9000, EC & SGC report gets!

Competitive price: It is a fact that price is also a way to evaluate the validity of a general jewelry wholesaler for wholesale fashion jewelry. The affordable costs may suggest the reliability of the items has been affected at some level. Compared to their competitors, the prices offered by Viennois-online are hard to beat. You can also get attractive discounts up to 18% to big wholesalers.

Complete product lines: If you would like to buy wholesale fashion jewelry, you do not want you get the same products as others, yes, which is a good way to make you distinctive from others. There are totally more than 90000 fashion jewelry and accessories in stock on Viennois-online, more than 100 top designers, keeping update 2000 new designs every month to support wholesale buyers to make local hot sale.

Professional advice: With so many years of jewelry business experience, what Viennois-online gives make the wholesale buyers feel like an educated buyer, so that you can choose the jewelry you need in a short time. It also has interesting blog to keep the buyers informed about what’s going on in the fashion industry.

Reliable brands: Viennois-online builds up long term relationship with brands as DEMBENHAMS, ICON, FRENCH CONNECTION, OASIS, BIMBAY LOLA, and international top designers. Its true and deep understanding of their brand and fashion has won the high appreciation from them.


The current market trend shows an increasing demand for fashion jewelry wholesale. Of course, a supplier of fashion jewelry can offer the advantage of good quality, lower shipping costs and superior service. Since you have a good feel of the pulse of the market, the selection of good jewelry wholesaler is to ensure your rapid business. They will be able to make sure the merchandise you’re interested in is in stock and ready for those last minute shopping trips.

Taking all the factors into consideration, to buy wholesale fashion jewelry and search for a reliable jewelry wholesaler, Needless to say, Viennois-online can be your first choice undoubtedly.

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