Three essential hoop earring styles for wholesale collection

Hoop earrings are loved by people for so many years. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes than any other pieces of jewelry. Start shopping for the trendiest and gorgeous wholesale hoop earrings with including these top 3 hoop earring styles to your collection to make new business.

Fantastic Cubic Zirconia Hoop Big Ear Stud Earring

Diamond hoops: Diamonds set into a classic hoop setting add elegance and sparkle to a time-honored style. They can add sparkle to an outfit, but they aren’t as flashy or dressy as other diamond earrings. Choose different styles to meet different needs from your customers. For example, large diamond hoop earrings go with both jeans and cocktail dresses. Smaller diamond hoops are casual enough to wear every day, making every outfit seem a bit more special. Besides, the number, size, and setting of diamonds on hoop earrings can vary. To get the wholesale hoop earrings that people will like, try these diamond hoop earrings.

Metal hoops: Metal hoop earrings look very trendy and classic and at the same time, they can be found in a variety of sizes and metals. Gold, sterling silver, and platinum are the most popular types of metal hoops. They can be perfectly round or oval, or can take on more unique orientations, such as pointed or heart shapes. They are preferred particularly by the people who would like to show their personality especially when they are designed with geometric looks. Therefore, they have become must-have items for the buyers’ wholesale hoop earrings purchases.

Huggie: Meant to fit close to the ear, huggies are hinged hoops with front and back sections. The post on the front section fits into the back band, which snaps shut. Huggies usually hinge for easier insertion and removal. These simple but also stylish pieces are varying from different sizes. They can be small, think hoop to hug the earlobe. For added impact, they can also be set with diamonds or other gemstones. These classic styles can go with everything and offer clean and modern lines, which become universal choice when shop for wholesale hoop earrings.

Hoops are the most classic style, but it doesn’t mean that they are boring. They are loved by people for so many reasons. Therefore, rest assured to do your purchases and please be sure that you have made these three trendy hoop earrings to your wholesale hoop earrings collections, which will be the right accessory for every outfit.

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