How much do you know about the gemstones?

Brazil emerald, Australia sapphire, Thailand ruby, are said to be the most brilliant gemstones produced by the gorgeous places. Looking for wholesale gemstone rings? Consider these five gemstone rings.


The sapphire is one of the four precious gemstones, along with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. Sapphires have adorned with the jewelry for centuries. Many famous rings for the royal families are covered in diamonds and sapphires. Blue sapphires are common in gemstone jewelry and offer rich hues in many shades. Pink sapphires are also popular in diamond rings. Orange sapphires offer a unique choice. The most precious sapphires can be found in Australia, Brazil, India, and Burma and other countries. To get the more affordable prices, wholesale gemstone rings with Bite-Size sapphires.


Opals are extremely mysterious. They sport a rainbow of colors, depending on the light. They are elegant enough to be the centerpiece of a luxurious engagement ring, and they work well in diamond rings that feature multiple stones in intricate patterns. Look for wholesale gemstone rings with opal from Australia. To keep the luster of the stones, soak them into the water for a few hours from time to time.


Yellow diamonds are luxurious, but rings containing yellow diamonds are often quite expensive. Citrine is a yellow gemstone that brings the brilliance of a winter fire to any ring. You can find different sizes of this kind of gemstone from Brazil. If size is an important factor for your consideration, Citrine is suitable for some large jewelry items with moderate prices. Search for the wholesale gemstone rings that showcases big stones, citrine stone is your right choice.


Commonly seen in Bolivia, Brazil and Russian, they can be found in different colors and they look stunning in rings. Amethyst is also affordable, so you can own many different rings in your wholesale gemstone rings collection. However, they are so many synthetic Amethysts in the jewelry market. Pay special attention to the quality of the wholesale gemstone rings you are going to buy.


A very hard stone with colors varying from dark green to red, and the watermelon tourmaline are loved by the people particularly. It is not a well-known gemstone, but it is absolutely enchanting. If you decide to buy wholesale gemstone rings embellished with tourmaline, please note that because of its limit supply, there is some fake ones in the market. To get the best tourmaline rings, choose a reliable supplier to place your orders.

Different gemstones bring an exotic flair to the world of the fashion rings. Learn more about different types of gemstones before you wholesale gemstone rings.

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