Two important facts you need to know about wholesale 925 silver pendants

Silver might not provide you with a luxurious sensation, but it can provide you with an easy and organic concept. Agreed? Besides, silver can also be converted to all sorts of jewelry findings, such as charms, bands as well earrings. Next to this particular, 925 silver pendants are well adorned by many people. Therefore, wholesale 925 silver pendants become the favorite collection for the wholesalers at the same time. But learn the two facts just before your purchases.

Top Opal 925 Silver Pendants V5302419

How to choose wholesale 925 silver pendants:

Because they are available in so many different styles, be sure to choose the right collection that your customers will like.

1.Consider the trend: The fashion styles will be the first thing when you wholesale 925 silver pendants. If you would like to be set apart from your competitors, getting the unique jewelry will be of great importance to you. Remember to think of the chains when you are comparing designs.

2.Get a silver education: Silver jewelry comes in many different varieties, and it is important to know a bit about the silver you are buying. For example, sterling silver, also called 925 silver is 92.5 percent pure silver mixed with a metal alloy. Silver-plated necklaces are also available and have a layer of sterling silver on top of another metal. To know the different types of silver is of great help for you to get the best deals in your wholesale 925 silver pendants.

3.Decide on the length: Long and short silver necklaces are available, and each offers a different style. Take the trendy styles and the collocation into consideration when settle on a length. Generally, long silver necklaces will be more expensive than short silver necklaces.

Use the above tips to get your wholesale 925 silver pendants collection.

How to care for these special pendants:

Yes, sterling silver pendants are stunning and they may have been the focal points of your jewelry assortment. But they are not high-maintenance. As a professional wholesaler or retailer, you need to know how to keep the wholesale 925 silver pendants in amazing looking all the time.

1.Storage: high quality, attentive jewelry storage should be the first step to preserve the jewelry. A fabric-lined jewelry box is a great place to keep pendants. Give each pendant its own slot, drawer or compartment to keep each piece from getting scratched or lost. Packed in so good a way, your customers will also like undoubtedly.

2.Cleaning: Cleaning is an important part of jewelry care. Invest in a high-quality silver cleaning solution if you have a large assortment of silver pendants. Using a soft cloth, apply a generous amount of the solution and carefully polish the pendant. Avoid getting the cleaning solution on any gemstones. Such a convenient way should be told to your customers.


Silver is actually an excellent source of overall performance price proportion. It is a well-known undeniable fact that silver jewelry is really as gorgeous as other precious jewelry. These days, increasing numbers of people select silver jewelry because of its sensitive overall performance, stylish styles in inexpensive prices. to know these two basic facts about wholesale 925 silver pendants, better business will be there definitely. Good luck!

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