Use our tips when search for wholesale fashion necklaces

Online store is making all kinds of wholesale fashion necklaces available to everyone. These necklaces are made of metal, gold, silver crystal, pearls and so on. When trying to wholesale fashion necklaces, however, it can be helpful to understand a bit about different types of necklaces. Wholesale different necklace styles can diversify your jewelry collection and make it popular among your customers.

Main Products Alloy Oxidation Bronze Fashion Short Necklace

1. Common necklace terms:

Consult these common terms when shopping for wholesale fashion necklaces.

Cable chain: It is the most common of chains which has round and uniform links.

Snake chain: The links form a very smooth, round cable. This chain tends to drape like a ribbon.

Extender: This short utility chain attaches to a necklace to increase length.

Box chain: This necklace has cube-shaped links. The chain is usually worn with a pendant.

Lobster claw: This fastener fits a round ring into an oval clasp.

There are also other special necklace terms for you to learn. When you wholesale necklace, it is necessary to ask the jewelry wholesaler to get clear answer.

2. Overall length of the finished necklace:

If you would like to wholesale fashion necklaces to be suitable for different customers, you should have knowledge about the length of the necklaces. Choose the right necklaces length based on the season or the trend.

Collar: length about 12 to 13 inches. This style fits snugly around the base of the neck and is normally made up of several close-fitting strands. They fit for formal and are perfect to choose for evening wear.

Princess: length about 17 to 19 inches. It is a versatile length, which looks great with high or low necklines. They are also popular style for graduated pearls. To meet the most common needs, it should be included to your collection.

Rope: length about 36 inches. It can be longer as you want. Long and lovely ropes of pearls may be looped around the neck to create any length. Leave it long or wrap it several times around the neck. This necklace makes the wearer shine in the spotlight.

3. Trendy necklaces for 2014:

There are so many different styles to choose from Viennois-online. This time, one name should be mentioned that is a long necklace that has really replaced sometime complemented the short pendant. Long necklaces were very popular in the 1920s and early 1930s and this look seems to have definitely made resurgence. Today, any style will work and the beauty of it is that long necklaces go with every outfit. The long necklaces can also be layered with pendants. Now that you have decided to wholesale fashion jewelry, trendy long necklaces are must-have items for your collection. To get the best selling wholesale fashion necklaces styles, it also should not be missed.

Be a professional wholesaler from this order! Good luck to you!

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