Facts you need to know before wholesale 925 silver rings

925 silver also known as sterling silver is the brightest metals of all. Over the years, the popularity and value of sterling silver has risen. Because sterling silver is priced lower than other matals, new designers can afford to invest in casting new pieces of rings to sell in today’s market. Many established, high-end designers have followed this trend towards 925 silver jewelry, which makes wholesale 925 silver rings easy to get. But before your purchases, there are several facts you need to know.

1. Alloy used in the rings

Sterling silver is made of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent metal alloy. Copper is a favorite metal alloy for sterling silver jewelry, although other metals are sometimes used. Sterling silver rings can be decorated with pure silver, but pure silver is typically too soft for large silver jewelry pieces. When wholesale 925 silver rings, please also make sure that the alloy applied in the rings is hypoallergenic and lead and nickel free, so that they are comfortable to wear.

2. Features of the 925 silver rings

Chosen for its strength and beauty, sterling silver has a lifetime of durability. Pure silver is very soft, making it a poor choice for an everyday ring, such as an engagement ring or wedding band. The addition of copper makes silver strong. A sterling silver ring is typically marked with an engraving to inform consumers that it is genuine. To get genuine wholesale 925 silver rings, check if there is the number of ��925��.

3. Styles of the 925 silver rings

When you are shopping for wholesale 925 silver rings, you have many styles to choose from. Simple sterling silver rings with feminine detailing or symbolic designs and lettering are perfect for everyday wear and make good choices for romantic jewelry gifts for your customers. Sterling silver rings with gemstones, diamonds and pearls can also bring color to any outfit. Choose the most fashionable ring styles for your collection and for your customers.

4. Cleaning ways for 925 silver rings

Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish over time as it is exposed to natural elements in the air, so that its luster cannot be kept in good condition. It is suggested that they can be cleaned with bleach-free or ammonia-free silver polish labeled for tarnish removal to clean sterling silver rings. Also remember that a nonabrasive cloth labeled for polishing should be used to prevent scratching. Microfiber cloths are great for polishing silver jewelry. To please your customers, give them the high quality wholesale 925 silver rings and at the same time tell them the right cleaning methods.

Hope you can get the best wholesale 925 silver rings using these tips and be a professional wholesaler from this purchase.


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