How to sell your wholesale costume jewelry for the retailers

Also known as the fashion jewelry, costume jewelry runs the gamut from simple silver pieces to large cocktail rings. It will be a profitable business to sell wholesale costume jewelry, as it is not only loved by the females of all ages and they are also loved by males. To make an effective business, use our tips provided.

Make sure that you have everything in ready. Selling wholesale costume jewelry means that you will distribute your jewelry products to stores and online retailers or others. So before that, you need to make sure that you have got everything needed in the business process already. For example, you need to register with your state as a wholesale jewelry seller. You cannot sell to a retailer until you have a tax ID number and are registered. Besides this, you also have other things to prepare. You can refer to the online to get detailed information.

Set a reasonable price. It is of vital importance to determine the wholesale prices for your products, which should provide you with the profit margins. Besides, if you offer a reasonable price, it also allows for the items to be marked up by the store to a competitive price. Generally speaking, the wholesale price is 20 percent of the item’s retail price. Consider this important aspect when sell your wholesale costume jewelry.

Find a target store. Creating a list of target stores to sell your jewelry should come to your next step. Someone choose to start with local independent store, because there are of great advantages for the wholesalers to do that. But to choose a retail store online is also another effective way. You also need to decide what kind of retailers you would like to cooperate with, small shops or the larger retailers, which will make the thing easier.

Contact your potential buyers. Making a contact with the retailers will help you understand the specific needs of them and know what its buying policies are. It is advised that you should list lots of questions to determine if the store would be your best partner. If possible, visit the store in person.

Stay in the fashion trends always. Stay abreast of market trends in costume jewelry design and ensure that your jewelry keeps pace with what is selling in the large retail market can make you remain competitive in the jewelry industry. Study niche trends as well and seek to penetrate specialty markets with unique merchandise, so that your wholesale costume jewelry will be loved by the retailers all the time.

Begin your profitable selling business use these tips now.

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