Top 3 collar necklaces for 2014

Collar necklaces have been a favorite accessory of the fashion-conscious for a few seasons now. As a great and versatile way to transform an outfit, they can make a casual outfit look more professional and they can also offer a sweet touch to a grunge look. To get the collar necklaces wholesale, try these five styles to make better business for 2014.

Swarovski crystal collar necklaces

Collar necklaces are usually most suitable when wearing V-necks and off-shoulder tops. A woman who loves clothes with high necklines can wear princess necklaces. As is known to all, all the pieces of Swarovski crystal jewelry are very ornate. It is difficult to find other alternative style in modern necklaces. Except from the collar necklaces, once you are looking for wholesale necklaces, Swarovski crystal should be must-have items. Its high quality will make your money on the pieces valuable.

Cubic zirconia collar necklaces

Are you looking for some formal necklaces to your wholesale collection? Cubic zirconia styles are the first choices coming to you. They can match with nearly every outfit and bring them the better decorations. The beautiful necklines under this wonderful piece present the most elegant ladies. Also because of the unique characteristic of the cubic zirconia, they are regarded as the substitutes for the diamonds. Cost just an affordable price, cubic zirconia collar necklaces wholesale become prevalent choices for any jewelry collection.

Gold plated collar necklaces

A lot of people like to invest in jewelry that is gold plated jewelry. The age of being plain has gone. The exaggerated and bold styles are becoming more and more popular among the fashionable people. What they pursue now is being eye-catching and drawing the attention from others easily. Based on this case, gold plated collar necklaces wholesale would come to your mind first. Having the similar appearances as the real gold, gold plated collar necklaces win more favors from people. Also because of its affordable prices, gold plated collar necklaces have the everlasting appeals for all the wholesale buyers.


Being perfect for adding better ornaments under the collars, collar necklaces are a total new season must have. To buy collar necklaces wholesale, do not miss the fashion trends above. Hope all provided here can make you select the most satisfying wholesale necklaces to make profits. Good luck!

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