Is China jewelry market promising to start your business?

Jewelry industry in China has over the past 25 years. The annual production of the industry, including various types of gems and jewelry, is valued at 120 million RMB according to the authoritative source. Until today, the China jewelry industry is growing at the rate of over 10%. Jewelry businesses all over the world have started turning towards the Chinese market, trying to promote their brands and sell their products. That is to way, China jewelry have proved to be the promising choice for your business. There are plenty of factors as to why jewelry industry in China should be able to maintain growing over the medium terms.

1. Jewelry has been a hottest consumption items.

Jewelry is traditionally a luxury item of consumption previously. But now the demands for jewelry are highly elastic to income. They have been more and more the popular ornaments for the people to use in the daily life and it nearly has been the necessity for the daily wearing. No outfits will be complete without a piece of jewelry. The appeal for jewelry is the highest among younger consumer sections. There is a large demand from the fashion market, which gives an account for the great needs of China jewelry.

2. China jewelry wins favors from all around the world.

China jewelry is loved not only by the Chinese, but also so many foreign wholesalers and retailers. Every year, over 30 million travelers from all over the world visit China and it has been estimated that their annual spending on Chinese jewelry is over 10 billion RMB (over US$1.2 billion). As China brand becomes popular overseas, especially in international areas of Chinese strength like pearls, diamonds, and gold jewelry. The demands of these segments will only grow all the time.

3. China jewelry costs you more affordable prices.

Many jewelry agents and distributors prefer to get China jewelry, because the jewelry made in China is in large quantity and a wide variety as well as innovative fashion designs. The most important thing is also because that it provides a low price, which confirms the profits for the business. Because of the vast cheap labors, the China jewelry manufacturing has a low cost and its sale price is also lower that the rest of the world. Profit from this, China jewelry manufacturing can produce lower price and higher jewelry products in a very short time, and make the rest jewelry manufacturer of the world failed.

Taking these three main factors into consideration, China jewelry market will be promising enough for your business. Do not hesitate again, try now!

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