2014 Top4 Wholesale Earrings from China

Since the development of transportation and internet shopping, people then to wholesale earrings China. However, the fashion trend of earrings is changing year by year. Then, what kinds of earrings are the most fashionable in 2014? Here are some styles for reference.

wholesale earring China

1. Knot earrings

The special knot shaped wholesale earrings from China cater to many people’s favorite of all ages. Knot is a special shape formed by passing one end of the rope or part of it through a loop and pulling it tight. The Chinese knot means a lot and many foreigners would like to learn how to weave a Chinese knot. Since the appearance of knot shaped earring, wholesalers are likely to wholesale earring China.

2. Asymmetric earrings

Many girls have difficulties when choosing earrings. They want the romantic long-drop earrings but also the simple stud earrings. Now they don’t worry that much because the asymmetric earrings can make the perfect choice for you—to wear both. The asymmetric earrings can be paired with any clothes and show two different styles. With the nontraditional asymmetric earrings design, buyers would like to wholesale earring China.

3. Hoop earrings

Hook earrings have been in vogue for a long time and people still cannot tear themselves from them. Nothing spices up your look quite like a pair of hoop earrings. No matter what design they are, they can be cool, elegant, hip or trendy. People may think that the hook earrings are dull and lacking of fashion design, but actually, the hoop earrings can be multiple and range from different types. They can be elegant and glossy with the cubic zirconia decoration, noble with opal and classic with the gold plated. It is of course a wise decision that buyers wholesale earring China.

4. Pearl earrings

China is the earliest country to start producing cultured pearl and it develops very well today. Pearl has been used in making earring since a long time ago and it still plays an important role in people’s life. People like pearl earring because it has beautiful luster and mellow texture. Beyond all doubt, the collection that people wholesale earrings China will include delicate designed pearl earrings.

There are other types of earrings you can wholesale from China. If you want to wholesale the most fashionable designed earrings, you would better pay attention to the market requirements and the global fashion trend. Wish you can your wholesaling trip in China!
This arctile come from This arctile come from http://anne-earrings.tumblr.com/post/88333921728/2014-top4-wholesale-earrings-from-china

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