Tips for Gold Plated Jewelry Sets Wholesale

The golden jewelry sets are popular in the Middle East and some Asia countries. Some Middle Eastern style jewelry sets fully express runway fashion, chunky and luxurious. However, the golden jewelry sets is very expensive that it is not a good choice for wholesale so the gold plated jewelry sets can be an alternate. The reason that many people like gold plated jewelry sets is not only because its price but also its durable quality. It definitely can bring you considerable profit with your gold plated jewelry sets wholesale business because those buyers will buy more jewelry at once. But there is something you should notice when you want to wholesale gold plated jewelry sets.
Gold Plated Jewelry Sets Wholesale
1. Follow the fashion trend

The fashion trend of the gold plated jewelry sets is the key points for whether wholesalers can have their gold plated jewelry sets wholesale sold. You can check out the fashion trend by reading fashion magazines or do research online. You should notice the fashion show and the fashion elements so that you can wholesale the most fashionable gold plated jewelry sets.

2. Concern the main materials

There are various kinds of the main materials. But the most durable one is to plate copper with gold because copper is stainless and has good adhesiveness with gold. What’s more, it can assure that it won’t be worn out and discolored easily. You have to learn to distinguish the main materials when you are doing the gold plated jewelry sets wholesale business because some manufacturers will choose wood, resin and other cheap metals to instead copper in order to reduce the costs. They are not good for people’s health but also easily worn out. So you have to pay attention to the main material of your gold plated jewelry sets wholesale business.

3. Choose the effect of gold plated
The effect of gold plated is more than one type. The glossy gold plated effect that people usually saw is called bright gold effect. For its stronger reflectance, the bright gold plated give people a feeling of golden, mellow and full and people like this effect a lot. Another gold plated effect is matte gold. It has a matte finish. Though it is not that bright as the bright gold plated, but it is so noble and elegant that also gains people’s attention gradually.
4. Notice the overall design
As a whole gold plated jewelry sets, the overall design is also very important. Whether the design of the necklace and the earrings is harmonious can affect the integral collocation. No customers would like to buy an asymmetric gold plated jewelry set.
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