How to Produce an Exclusive Gold Plated Bracelet

The exclusive gold plated bracelets are very popular around the world for they can shine around the wrist and give people a different visual treat. Have you ever think about that how the bracelet manufacturer produce a complete gold plated bracelet? What steps are needed to produce the gorgeous necklace? Want to know? Just keep reading.

1 Design the pattern of bracelet

The bracelet design from the bracelet manufacturer is the key point that will decide whether the bracelets are popular or not when they come to the market. So bracelet manufacturer cannot despise the bracelet pattern design, on the contrary, it should be given attention.

2 Select the corresponding materials

Bracelet manufacturer cannot produce a delicate bracelet unless you have selected the most quality and suitable basic materials. Every charm and buckle should be checked before the bracelet manufacturer put it into the next process. The most suitable metal for gold platting is copper, which has the characteristic of durable and there are some other alloy, too.

3 Polish the surface of the basic metal

Most of the basic materials have not been through process which may adhere with many impurity and they may have a rough surface that are not good for gpld platting. So the basic materials must be polished first.

4 Electroplate the basic metal with gold

The process of jewelry plating is very important in making bracelets, which will directly affect the degree of beauty and value, so it has its special requirements for production. The plated gold is asked to adhere with the basic metal perfectly and have a smooth clad layer with little porosity. And the clad layer should reach certain thickness and homogeneous surface. Therefore, the processes before the gold plating should be exquisite.


Oil removing After the process of polishing, there will be some residual left on the basic materials so the bracelet manufacturer will use special oil removing technology to removie the oil contamination, such as Ultrasound degreasing and electrochemical oil removing.

Water scrubbing Water scrubbing is an integral part of electroplating process, its quality have a huge influence in electroplating process and on plating products’ appearance, corrosion resistance and other quality indicators.

Activate the basic material After the processes above, there will be an oxide layer on the basic material which will destroy the adhesion. So, the last step before gold plating is to activate the basic material and another round of water scrubbing.


Gold platting requires special gold plating liquid. Then make the gold plating liquid gradually adhere on the surface of the basic material with the electrochemical reaction of the positive and negative electrodeand the plating liquid under the certain condition of PH and temperature.


Lastly, the gold plated bracelet is done. You can buy one from any online or offline stores!

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