Popularity Contest: Viennois-online & Alibaba China

Q: What wholesale ring’s style is most fashionable in 2014?
A: Of course thr wholesale gold plated rings.
Q: Why?
A: Because the gold plated jewelry are ubiquitous in the whole fashion world. For its unique durability and texture, it is very suitable for wearing in different occasions to match diverse accessories. You deserve to own one.
Q: Where can I wholesale gold plated rings?
A: The most convenient way is to log in the online shopping websites. The recommended choice is Viennois-online.
Q: What about Alibaba China?
A: It is a big company. But it is not always the best choice. Have doubt? Let’s do a comparison.


Alibaba China— wholesale gold plated rings from Alibaba China are mainly setting with different kinds of gems and the rest are simple designs according the fashion trend.
Viennois-online—the styles of the wholesale gold plated rings from Viennois-online are nearly twice as much as Alibaba China and it has more different design according the multicultural customs. What’s more, Viennois has its own designer team and it also provides the customization service.


Alibaba China— simple and monotonous wholesale gold plated rings are in the majority. Alibaba provides less choices for buyers.
Viennois-online—have more than 3000 gold plated rings on the website and 2000 update per month, Viennois can provide the most exclusive designs and the maximum items for wholesale gold plated rings.

Color and Luster

Alibaba China— the wholesale gold plated rings from Alibaba China are with light gold color and relatively faint when comparing to the jewelry from Voennois.
Viennois-online— All the gold plated rings from Viennois-online are having the best quality that allow the rings shinning with golden gloss and having smooth and mellow texture. Those rings after special polishing and plating processes can be worn for many years only if you can have duly maintenance on these rings.

Quality and Price

The reason why I put this subtitle at the last part is not because it is not important but it is important and is the topic that most wholesalers will concerned about.

Alibaba China—the quality of the wholesale gold plated rings from Alibaba is fine and the price is lower than other jewelry suppliers but it is not the most competitive one.
Viennois online—the quality of the wholesale gold plated rings from Viennois-online is very good and the price is reasonable for wholesaling the upscale rings.

Lastly, the conclusion is that Viennois-online can provide you the exclusive fashion gold plated rings with better quality and price. Viennois-online keeps vanguard designs and diversified jewelries update weekly, providing fast fashion but also creating classical. Viennois-online designed wholesale star shaped necklaces and pendants are popular at most counties and region. Want to wholesale gold plated rings, Vinnois-online will be your best choice.

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