2014 Top4 Wholesale Hair Ties

Wearing lovely hair ties on your head will bring you unexpected decorative effect. Hair ties are applicable to be wear during work or performance situations. With different designs, hair ties are the simple but perfect accessories to make women’s collocation highlight with elegant and noble. They are popular not only for they can decorate our hair but also can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet. This article is to introduce 4 wholesale hair ties to get you wholesalers know what to wholesale and you girls what to buy in this year.

1. Bowknot


Bowknot seems will never out of date for it is so elegance, cute and good-looking.
The wholesale bowknot hair ties made of different materials have diverse patterns and colors. The Japan and Korea sweet style bowknot hair ties show a feeling of cute and mellifluous which is suitable for young girls while the vintage style bowknot are more suitable those who with vintage makeup and dress to echo the whole outfit.

2. Rubber band


Rubber band wholesale hair ties are favored by people for its simple and blazonry. They are suitable to wear to match your sportswear and casual outfitting. With multiple colors, it can match different color of your clothes. You can also have a mix style to wear several rubber wholesale hair ties to wear around your wrist to make a different try.

3. Floral


Beautiful and vivid shaped wholesale hair ties are also very popular. The tiny and cute designs are very tasteful and the colorful big floral patterns are so wonderful that are right to wear when going a vocation to the seaside. Some of the floral wholesale hair ties are so vivid that seem like the flowers are dropping down from your hair.

4. Alloy & gem setting


Alloy hair ties are very simple but also very adorable. They are love by many people who doesn’t like complicated designs. They are casual but also giving out special charm that makes girls look pushier. These wholesale hair ties have eclectic looks with shiny metal gloss.


Another type of alloy wholesale hair ties are set with unique gems like cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals, opal, so that they can shine with dazzling luster. With the gorgeous gem settings and the metallic texture, these wholesale hair ties are incomparable.

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