Hot Elements of Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Jewelry sets for this summer

Wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets are always the jewelry wholesalers’ love for their high quality and colorful luster. People would like to buy wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets also for its gorgeous ornament effect. So what are the hot elements that contained in the designs of wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets in this summer? Let’s see.

1 Big pendant

Blended in with exaggerate cutting craft, the wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets will be very popular this summer. Comparing with tiny Swarovski crystal cloud design, the jewelry set with big pendants will be more noble and eye-catching but not cumbersome at all. What’s more, the texture and the gloss of Swarovski crystal will be better showed in big pendant shapes, round or square.

2 Multilayers

When the tighter dresses or lower-cut top pieces are seen everywhere in the hot summer, girls chasing for fashion and beautiful perfect collocations will not allow empty neck and ear with no accessories with them. The multilayer designed wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets will be your best choice to wholesale because they are always the best match with casual lower-cut dresses. The magnificent design are also good at modify the line of women’s collarbone and neck.
3 Collar necklaces

Not like the long chain design in the winter to decorate people’s sweaters or high-necked dress or coat, the featured trendy design in this summer will be collar necklace in the wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets. In these sets, the collar necklaces embedded with fancy Swarovski crystals are very pretty and when wearing the simple but exquisite designed earrings, the whole jewelry set will become perfect matches for any casual pr important events.

4 Special chain designs

Apart from the traditional chains, the fabrics and splicing jewel chain are also very fashion this summer. When the fabrics rope shaped chain met the Swarovski crystal cloud, this jewelry sets will be more exclusive and people has no need to worry about their allergy to metal. The splicing jewel chain is also very gorgeous. If you want some special metal chain designs, the elegant collar designs will cater for your preference.

The taste for fashion wholesale Swarovski crystal jewelry sets are varying with each individual. If you don’t like these design, you can go to the official website of Viennois-online to look for your preference in the thousands of jewelry and accessories. Here the website address:

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