Top 5 Wholesale Fashion Bracelets 2014


A fashion bracelet is always necessary for people to make their wrist have animation and match the outfits. People say that it is difficult to cater to everybody’s preferences, but actually, you can overthrow this theory when you are choosing the best wholesale fashion bracelets! This article is to introduce the top 5 wholesale fashion bracelets in 2014.

1. Gold plated


Gold plated jewelry is the most fashionable and upscale style. The gold plated wholesale fashion bracelets are fancy by people from all over the world, especially Indian and people from the Middle Eastern countries. With high quality of the platting gold, the surface of the bracelets will reflect a luster that is much brighter that the real gold. Match with a special dress, the golden gloss around the wrist will definitely have female’s charm showed in any occasion.

2. Colorful stone beaded


Colorful stone beaded wholesale fashion bracelets can light your passion up with their wonderful color and the mellow texture of the beads. The vintage style beaded fashion bracelets are good match accessories for vintage collocation and the exclusive ethnic styles. Comparing with the extravagant gold plated jewelry, the colorful stone beaded fashion bracelets will be more vivacious.

3. Charm bracelet


The charm bracelets can always hook up the customers’ purchasing decision. With different charms, they have colorful looking and luxury design. The charms are made of quality metal and set with tiny gems which make the wholesale fashion bracelets look awesome with gorgeous reflectance. All these charm bracelets are very durable sp long as you don’t leave them wet all the time.

4. Multilayer


Multilayer designed wholesale fashion bracelets are all well arranged and they can modify the shape of the wrist to make it look more beautiful. Jewelry manufacturers tend to use other alloy or gems to decorate the simple multilayer bracelets and that really achieve some. There are also many style and fashion elements added in the process of designing multilayer wholesale fashion bracelets, such as the Middle Eastern style which is featured by its luxury design.

5. Micro Pave Setting


Micro pave setting gems like cubic zirconia, rhinestone, and opal in the wholesale fashion bracelets make those fashion bracelets look wonderful and exclusive. This kind of fashion bracelet has an incomparable price and flamboyant appearance with delicate designs. It is suitable to wear during important events or give people you love as a gift.

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