Tips for Wholesale Gold Plated Bangles


Gold plated bangles are always the wholesaler’s love that there are not many bangles or bracelets can boast of this achievement. They have the luster of gold but with such an affordable price that bring the jewelry wholesalers many buyers. Some say that the jewelry wholesalers are selling women beauty more than the jewelry items. To wholesale gold plated bangles with exclusive designs and quality, you can bring your customers endless beauty. On the contrary, you are ruining your reputation. So keep an eye out for the wholesale gold plated bangles you choose.

Here we are going to do a contrast between good gold plated bangles and the inferior.

1The thickness and color of the plated layer

The thickness of the gold plated jewelry is very important. If the thickness of the plated gold layer is thinner than the standard, the wholesale gold plated bangles will fade very quickly and the bangles will become very ugly. Only those quality wholesale gold plated bangles can last beautiful gloss for a few years.
The color of the plated gold layer is also very important. The quality gold plated bangles will present a pure golden color, not yellow or strange copper hue.

2 Smooth or rough surface

To wholesale gold plated bangles should pay attention to the surface or the edges of the bangles. Quality gold plated bangles have smooth and homogeneous surfaces while the inferior bangles have rough and non homogeneous surfaces. Some may even have other impurities.

3 Delicate or normal design

The most important fact to attract buyers is the designs of the gold plated bangles. No one would like to wear the same bangles with other. It will cause embarrassing
situation when someone is attending a very important event. People like exquisite things. So you’d better distinguish the delicate design out of the normal ones.

4 Weights

Most of the famous wholesale jewelry manufacturers will use copper as the basic material to make gold plated bangles. However, there are some manufacturers will use plastic, wood and something else to make the wholesale gold plated bangles. You can feel the different when you put them in your hand.

5 Reasonable prices

Last but not the least, the price of the wholesale gold plated bangles can also tell a lot. It’s not true that the expensive the bangle is, the better quality it has. Nor you can trust the cheapest one can save your budget.

Actually, the most important thing to wholesale gold plated bangles is to find a jewelry supplier with nice credit. If you want to wholesale gold plated bangles with high quality and a reasonable price, Viennois-online, as the biggest wholesale jewelry supplier, will be trustworthy.
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