Guides to buy cubic zirconia jewelry

Cubic zirconia, being in resemblance to diamond has been widely used in the jewelry industry since its commercial introduction in 1976. Until now, it has been the most popular diamond alternative in the market. Cubic zirconia jewelry gives people the parkle of gorgeous gems without the high price tag. If you are also shopping for cubic zirconia jewelry, allow us to help you get the most stunning cubic zirconias.

Cubic zirconia information

Today, cubic zirconias are available in a myriad of sizes and a rainbow of hues. Get to know more about it when wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry.

1. Cubic zirconia (also called CZ) is a synthetic crystalline substance used as an affordable alternative to diamonds.

2. Though much less expensive than diamonds, the brilliance and crystal clarity of cubic zirconia makes it one of today’s most popular stones for an attractive-yet-inexpensive, diamond-like jewelry.

3. Cubic zirconia is not a mineral; it is a man-made substance, not to be confused with the natural gemstone zircon.

When shopping for cubic zirconia, three things you also need to know

1) Quality of the cubic zirconia. Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia is simulated to be flawless. It can be perfectly structured, free of inclusions, totally transparent and possess a brighter fire. While like other gemstones, cut, size and shape influence how light is refracted and will affect the stone’s brilliance. As a wholesaler, you should also learn the different aspects like the cut, clarity and carat, which can influence greatly on the quality of the cubic zirconia jewelry.

2) Types of cubic zirconia. Cubic zirconias can be found in all types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, charms, pendants, body jewelry and even handbag embellishments. Large, flawless cubic zirconias are great centerpieces for cocktail rings, and colored cubic zirconia gems look fabulous in birthstone jewelry. Choose the best styles based on the current trends.

3) Color of cubic zirconia. Color is regarded as the main aspect to determine the value of the cubic zirconia jewelry. Usually, CZ stones are rated like a diamond for clearness or lack of color. The quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process can affect the colorless aspect of the stone, so a truly clear gem is rated higher than one that has any tinge of color. Remember to take the color into consideration when buy cubic zirconia jewelry.


Cubic zirconia jewelry comes in an endless array of shapes, colors and sizes. To get the best cubic zirconia jewelry, take some time and effort to seek out the quality and your profits will thus increase. Your customers will be happier with their purchases and you will earn loyal customers therefore. Just remember these guides provided here. Hope it will help you. Good luck!

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