Top 3 Unique Stud Earrings shouldn’t be Missed 2014

Stud earrings are loved widely by the people owing to its simple yet cute and fashion styles. If you have ever noticed the runway fashion shows, you may find that easily that 2014 is the year of the stud earrings, all the celebrities love to wear them on the red carpet. There should be no stopping for the following three unique stud earrings styles that float on the front of the earlobe.

Diamond stud earrings

It is said that diamonds are the best friends of the ladies, so that it will keep trendy choice all the way. Diamonds are often worn in stud earrings to showcase the fire and beauty of the gem without any other distractions. Like other studs, diamond stud earrings can be worn with anything from jeans to bridal gowns. To achieve maximum sparkle and fire as well as brilliance, it is better for you to choose diamonds graded at least good in grade and colors. Diamond stud earrings have get increasingly popularity in the wholesale stud earrings for the wholesale buyers.

Gemstone stud earrings

It is a fact that a variety of more unique gemstones gives you a range of smart, unconventional options for accessorizing a formal dress. There are also so many choices of gemstones for your references. Amethysts, aquamarines, citrines, opals and turquoise and so on will bring a lovely touch of authenticity to ensemble. Gemstones offer a fun way to add value and color to your jewelry collection. Choose gemstone stud earrings to match different moods of your customers.

Pearl stud earrings

Timeless and natural classic, pearl studs can be found in many colors and sizes and serve as an elegant finishing touch. Often accented by a single small diamond, pearl stud earrings are favored by more and more modern ladies. It is also because that pearls instantly give a little glamour to basic clothes. Small, white pearl studs are classic and match just about any outfit, yet the darker colors can be really beautiful, too. What are you still hesitating about? Pearl designed wholesale stud earrings are your must-have collection.

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