Top 5 Nigerian Luxurious Style Bangles for Wedding Party


Wedding party is one of the most important events for many girls. As a professional wedding jewelry wholesaler, you may not ignore any wedding jewelry, like gorgeous Nigerian luxury style bangles. Nigerian luxury style bangles can make people become the shiniest spot in the wedding party. Now, let’s see what kind of Nigerian luxury style bangles is the best choice for wedding party.

1 Wild Pattern

Black wedding dress is very rare but it is also a new favorite of the fashion show. The black wedding dress is steady and calm that makes the bride full of mystery. It is very suitable for people to wear a special and wild designed bangle to match the dress. Theses Nigerian luxury style bangles added with animal’s fur and geometry shape are very delicate and exclusive, which will not be too eye-catching or too simple. They can perfectly present the wild beauty of the black wedding dress and the bride.

2 Pinky Beaded Multilayer

Nigerian luxury style bangles with pinky beaded multilayer design are good accessories for warm tone wedding dress like pink and orange. The pinky beads are very girlish but the multilayer design is full of femininity, which make the bangles look elegant and beautiful. The whole collocation match so well and this kind of Nigerian luxury style bangles is loved by many people.

3 Simple Swarovski Crystal

In many people’s impression, Nigerian luxury style bangles are very exaggerate and big. However, luxury doesn’t mean exaggerate with huge size. The simple Swarovski crystal Nigerian luxury style bangles are so delicate that can match wedding dress which has well craft very well. The hollow-out design of the wedding dress makes the whole dress look fabulous and a simple but dazzling Swarovski crystal Nigerian luxury style bangle is good enough to present the beauty of the bride.

4 Hollow out

The hollow out Nigerian luxury style bangles have special patterns. The unique luster of the plated gold plus the fancy designs make these bangles look very high scale and the classic gold plated element will make the Nigerian luxury style bangles remain trendy for a long time. It can be worn to match both Chinese and the Western wedding dresses.

5 Chunky Multilayer

When people are wearing low-cut wedding dresses, both beautiful necklaces and chunky multilayer Nigerian luxury style bangles are very necessary for collocation. Embedded with gorgeous crystal and cubic Zircons, layering of the bangle is particularly effective.


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