Top4 Hot-sale Snake Bangles

snake bangles

Snakes always get both praise and blame. They are cold-blooded and brutal without any mercy. Chinese people would like to describe villains by using snake’s cunning and malevolence. However, it is also said that it is a good omen if there are snakes in people’s house, which means good luck and protection. What’s more, snake is also one of the Chinese Zodiac. Thus, snake is also used widely in making jewelry and the snake jewelry is very popular and loved by many fashionable people. Here will present you some hot-sale snake bangles added with different elements.


1 Opal
snake bangles

Snake has a long tail and it is covered with scales which makes it look different from other animals. People may think the real snake is very ugly and creepy when they enwind your wrist, however, it doesn’t make sense when you look at the snake bangles. Embedded with a mellow and full semitransparent opal and under the oxidation treatment, these snake bangles will look very beautiful. The craft is so careful that you can even see the pretty scales.

2 Swarovski Crystal
snake bangles

Swarovski crystal element can be seen everywhere in making jewelry for its fancy color and gorgeous luster. The snake bangles inset with dazzling Swarovski crystals are very fantastic. With exclusive designs, these eye-catching snake bangles will make you look confident and impress people no matter what occasions are you in. The head-to-tail ligation design has a better description of the beauty of lines and it also means infinite. They can match diverse outfits.

3 Gold plated
snake bangles

Gold plated jewelries are very popular in all seasons and they will never out of date. The gold plate snake bangles will show a different beauty with the special color and luster. The bright gold plated snake bangles look luxury and high-end while the matte gold plated has a matt surface and give out mellow luster. The exquisite gold plated snake bangles are fond of by people of all ages.

4 Enamel
snake bangles

Enamel is like a layer sticking on the metal. It looks like glass but has a special luster and texture. With multiple colors and durable quality, the enamel snake bangles are always the hot-sale jewelry. It makes the snake look more vivid and spiritual. The special texture of enamel makes the snake bangles a work of art that should be kept as a collection.

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