Comparison: Wholesale Jewelry from China and from Local Suppliers

wholesale jewelryfromChina

Some people think it is very dangerous to wholesale bulk from China via the Internet and they think the local jewelry suppliers are more reliable and more convenient. But some people have opposing views. Jewelry wholesalers may be eager to know which view is practicable. Here we will do a comparison between wholesaling jewelry from China and from the local jewelry suppliers to find out the truth.


The price of fashion jewelry is always jewelry wholesalers’ first consideration. The majority of people is in the working class and wants to look good without bending over backwards, which lead to the popularity of wholesale fashion jewelry.
Wholesaling from the local fashion jewelry suppliers are always cheaper that purchasing from the jewelry stores. They may have a little discount but the price difference obviously exists from wholesaling directly from the jewelry manufactory. As we all know, China is one of the biggest manufacturing country and many of the fashion jewelries are made in China. You can definitely get the lowest price to wholesale jewelry from China.

2 Qualities

Apart from the price, the quality of the wholesale jewelry bothers people a lot. If people wholesale jewelry from local jewelry providers, they can check the goods by themselves to make sure the quality of the jewelries but when people wholesale jewelry from China, they cannot make sure the quality of the jewelries they bought online. Apparently, this is no more a problem in this information era. You can search for the trustworthy jewelry suppliers from China which are under strict quality supervision and all the jewelries have reached the global standards.

3 Diversity

Comparing with the local jewelry suppliers, the jewelry manufacturers from China are always bigger and provide diverse wholesale jewelry. With their own designer team and fashion consultants, those Jewelry manufacturers can give you the most fashionable and trendy designs of fashion jewelry. You can wholesale jewelry from China according to the regional preference and the fashion trend.

4 Transportation fee and Service

Some people are still worried about the transportation fee and the service of wholesaling from China. When wholesaling from the local store, they need to pay a small amount of transportation fee and they don’t need to afraid of the after-sale service in case they have quality problem to solve. However, as the transportation has developed so well, the transportation fee is much lower than ever before and there is extra discount for big wholesalers. If you met any quality problems, you can ask for return and you can even get a refund.

It is very clear that to wholesale jewelry from China is better than to wholesale from the local jewelry suppliers. If you want to find trusted jewelry manufacturer from China, Viennois-online can cater for all your preference.

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