Top 5 Wholesale Gold Plated Pendants 2014


Gold plated jewelry seems never out-of-date, which is loved by many people especially loved by the Middle Eastern people. Pendants, as one of women’s favorite accessories, are relative simple and fashion. People like to wear gold plated pendants because they have delicate appearances and gorgeous luster. Here will introduce the top 5 wholesale gold plated pendants in 2014.

1 Cross
gold plated pendants

Cross is a symbol of Christian. The cross wholesale gold plated pendants can be seeing everywhere. People of different ages are like to wear cross jewelry. It is a representation of the structure on which Jesus was crucified and it is used as an emblem of Christianity or in heraldry. The cross gold plated pendants are so popular that it can match any kind of cloth.

2 Heart shaped
gold plated pendants

Heart is always reminding people of love. The heart shaped gold plated pendants are very delicate with beautiful metallic luster. They are very suitable to be sent as gifts for people you love, no matter your soul mate, your mom or your best friend forever. Special wholesale gold plated pendants carved with letters are unique and can be worn as a couple pendants. These meaningful gold plated pendants should be in your wholesale gold plated pendants’ collection.

3 Key
gold plated pendants

Key is a very normal thing at the very beginning. Sometime people will wear their keys around their neck in case they will lose them. Gradually, it has become a fashion trend in making key pendants, but the key pendants are no more the normal keys for opening the door. They look exclusive and have well craft. They can be wear in many occasions and match different kinds of out fit.

4 Clover
gold plated pendants

Clover represents good luck and happiness so many people love clover pendants. Shinning with bright gold color, the clover wholesale gold plated pendants look so wonderful and unique. They look very simple but meaningful so people would like to buy clover pendants to give them to their friends and family as gifts to show their best wishes for them.

5 Letters
gold plated pendants

Letter pendants are simple and some may think they are too plain that cannot make any ornament effect. However, with special designs and different combinations, letter shaped wholesale gold plated pendants can be fantastic as well. You can choose a single letter pendant or a name or a special word. These pendants are love by people of all ages and they will never out of date.

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