Top 3 Wholesale Enamel Jewelry Sets 2014

enamel jewelry sets

The trend of wearing enamel jewelry sets hit the world of fashion in these years. People tend to add a beautiful enamel ornament effect in their overall look by decking themselves up in enamel jewelry sets. You can visit a reliable wholesaler of enamel jewelry sets to get the enamel item you are looking for. Here are three inspired delicate enamel jewelry sets for your reference.

Floral wholesale enamel jewelry sets

enamel jewelry seys

Floral enamel jewelry sets are so popular and hold the promise of never going out of style. They have become so popular and loved by fashionable people. What make these floral enamel jewelry sets so impressive are their exquisite design and uniqueness. The enamel on the flowers makes the whole enamel jewelry sets look more stereo and animate. Every single petal and leave is showing vitality and elegance. Unlike the dazzling diamond jewelry set, these wholesale enamel jewelry sets can bring people a different ornament effect of noble and classic. They can be worn in any occasion and there will be different effect when you are collocating with different dresses or tops.

Irregular figure wholesale enamel jewelry sets

enamel jewelry sets

Irregular figure enamel jewelry sets will always bring people a special decorative effect. They look casual and simple but also with exclusive designs. No matter the single hollow-out circle or irregular figures in row, the enamel jewelry sets can provide you an extra and special glamour to the basic clothes. The wonderful color collision and strong sense of lines make the jewelry sets unique and endow enamel jewelry a special beauty of androgyny. They give full annotation of the unique charm of wholesale enamel jewelry sets.

Animal wholesale enamel jewelry sets

enamel jewelry sets

Many people think that animals are human’s best friend and they can give people comfort when they feel down. So many people like everything about animals, of course including animal wholesale enamel jewelry sets. However, people may think animal enamel jewelry sets will be too na?ve for adults and they are not suitable for formal events so they will give up buying animal jewelry sets. Actually, this theory is not true when you are buying wholesale enamel jewelry sets which can be so elegant and noble that can be worn for important events as well. Both the brilliant colors and delicate patterns can make you stunning.

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