Who is the Best Earrings Manufacturer from China?

The issue that how to choose a trusted earrings manufacturer is bothering jewelry wholesalers all the time when people plan to wholesale from China. A nice earrings manufacturer decides the future of earrings wholesalers’ business. According to survey, JH Jewelry of Alibaba.com and Viennois-online are two jewelry manufacturers that gain the most attention from wholesalers from overseas. Here we will do some comparison for you to refer and decide which one is the best earrings manufacturer for you.

1 Earrings manufacture experience

JH Jewelry has 15 years experience in jewelry (including earrings) manufacture and exporting; they have business in Africa, Arabic and Europe market.

Viennois-online has 18 years experience in manufacturing and exporting fashion earrings; Viennois fashion earrings have been sold to Europe, Russian, South Africa, the Middle East over one hundred regions and countries. Viennois-online also partner with top brands SK-II, OLAY, COGI, P&G, OCHIRLY and international first class brands.

2 Diversity

JH Jewelry There are about 350 earrings items on the website of JH Jewelry but many of them are repeated so the real quantity of available earrings items may be less than 300. Apart from the quantity, the patterns of earrings are similar without innovation. And the main design of their earrings is gold plate and gold plated.

Viennois-online There are more than 3,000 earrings items available on the online shopping centre ranging from different style, designs and colors. Every item is unique without repetition to make up the item quantity. They also have their designer team to keep Viennois-online remain the name of No.1 earrings manufacturer in China so they have many different kinds of earrings that made of many materials.

3 Price

Because of using different materials, the price of earrings from these two earrings manufacturers cannot be told which earrings manufacturer has more attractive price. Earrings from JH Jewelry are ranging $1.27 to $4.1 but earrings from Viennois-online are $1.06 to $39.77 because those products are made of high-quality Swarovski crystal.

4 Click-through rate

The click-through rate can be a reference data, too. When you are typing key words like wholesale earrings manufacturer on Google, you will find there are seldom advertisements of JH Jewelry in the searching results. Is that because JH Jewelry posts fewer advertisements than Viennois-online? Actually, it isn’t the main reason. Google will clarify useful information and the valueless information for users; and then they will make the valueless advertisements out of people’s sight. In other words, people tend to search Viennois-online than JH Jewelry for Viennois-online is the better earrings manufacturer.

Seeing is believing. You can visit this two earrings manufacturer through the internet to make sure who is the best earrings manufacturer From China.

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