Colorful Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets for summer

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Summer is always filled with many different colors. People can enjoy the blue sky and sea, green lawn, yellow beach and see the wonderful rainbow after the heavy rain. Apart from this nature color, wholesale rhinestone bracelets can bring different color for you. Hesitating what to wholesale this summer? Colorful wholesale rhinestone bracelets will be your best choose.


Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Transparent wholesale rhinestone bracelets are very popular. Though it contains no color but it can reflect different color in the sun. The transparent wholesale rhinestone bracelets are also the one that give out the most dazzling luster among all the colors.

2 Gold

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Gold wholesale rhinestone bracelets are very noble and luxury with beautiful golden luster. After well cutting and special polishing process, the surface of rhinestone becomes smooth and luminous. These gold wholesale rhinestone bracelets are very suitable for evening party.

3 Pink

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Pink color is very lovely and the pink wholesale rhinestone bracelets are loved by many people, especial those young girls who has a special love for Japan and Korea sweet style. These pink wholesale rhinestone bracelets will make them feel vitality and full of girlish feature.

4 Purple

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Purple is a color of mystery and humans have adopted it as a symbol of royalty. From the ancient time to today, purple is regarded as the color of nobility. The purple wholesale rhinestone bracelets of course look noble and delicate that they can present the femininity of woman. The light purple wholesale rhinestone bracelets are for young girls while the dark purple wholesale rhinestone bracelets are for grown ladies.

5 Red

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Red is a color of enthusiasm and people who like red rhinestone bracelets are always being positive and having deep feelings to life. Red is also a color of love so red rhinestone bracelets can be a nice gift for people you love. These wholesale rhinestone bracelets are the items that jewelry wholesalers won’t miss.

6 Blue

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Blue is the color of the sky and the sea. People love blue rhinestone bracelets because they have the color that represents freedom. They can be very noble and graceful when matching suitable dress or suits.

7 Green

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Green wholesale rhinestone bracelets are full of signs of spring and the breath of life. They give people motivation and encouragement. You can also feel peace and hope in the green rhinestone bracelets.

8 Rainbow

Wholesale Rhinestone Bracelets

Rainbow is very rare to see but it is people’s hope and wish. Some people say that if you see a rainbow, you will have good luck with you. This is a theory that cannot be proved, but it is indeed true that people will have good mood when they see the rainbow. The rainbow wholesale rhinestone bracelets will bring people good mood everyday no matter it is rainy or sunny. The colorful wholesale rhinestone bracelets can also bring good ornament effect.

If you want to wholesale different kinds of rhinestone bracelets, Viennois-online will provide you the most exclusive designs and reasonable price.

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