Top 5 Wholesale Pendants from China 2014

wholesale pendants from China

Beautiful pendants are always an item listed in jewelry wholesalers’ wholesale jewelry collection. They provide people some convenience to match pendants and chains cater to their preference in case people don’t like the design of the necklace. It also allows people to change the pendants to make different ornament to fit different outfit and events. Here are 5 wholesale pendants from China for your reference.

No.1 Red

wholesale pendants from china

Red is a beautiful color. It is full of passion and vitality. Red pendants are very popular and loved by many people. These vintage style pendants are of course fashionable. Red gems matched the 925 silver has show a gorgeous visual effect. The vintage style jewelry are popular all the time and these classic red wholesale pendants from China which make ladies look noble and elegant will never be out of fashion.

No.2 Pink
wholesale pendants from china

Pink is a very special color. It is the combination of red and white so it contains the vitality of red and the purity of white. Not like the red pendants, pink pendants give people a feeling of youth and vigor. So they are more suitable for teenage girls. They are so lovely and adorable that has won many people’s love. Decorated with cubic zircon, the luster given out by the pink pendants is very fantastic. These pink wholesale pendants from China can be worn on many different occasions.

No.3 Blue

wholesale pendants from china

Blue is the color of sky and the sea and it is also a color that represent freedom. With delicate designs, all these blue wholesale pendants from China are giving out a mellow but also stunning gloss. These generous fashion design pendants are tasteful and unconventional. They can bring ladies rich flavor and make them unforgettable.

No.4 Green
wholesale pendants from china

Green pendants give people different impressions. The light green is fresh and verdant that just likes the fresh bud in the spring while the olive green is more steady and demure. Added with many hot elements, these green pendants look temperament distinguished.

No.5 Sparking

wholesale pendants from china

Diamond is the best friend of women. Though normal girl cannot own many dazzling diamond jewelries, but the sparkling cubic zirconia pendants are affordable for every beautiful lady of all ages. They look more remarkable than the pure 925 silver pendants by giving out glaring luster.

If you want to wholesale pendants from China, you’d better find a trustworthy jewelry supplier, such as Viennois-online, which is the No.1 jewelry supplier in China.

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