Why choose Swarovski Crystal Bracelets Wholesale

There are many different wholesale fashion bracelets with different gems but why some people mainly focus on Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale? Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale always have a much higher price than bracelets embedded with other gemstones. Is it not true that fashion jewelry wholesaler prefer low price? Not really. Here we will show you why.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelets Wholesale


As we have just mentioned the price difference, we will discuss the price first. As we all know, Swarovski crystal is a big international brand known by the whole world. On one hand, it is very famous for its high quality man-made crystal; on the other hand, it is famous for its high price. You can see from the official website of Swarovski crystal that all the Swarovski crystal bracelets have the price between $40 and $540. If you can find Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale with prices between $5 and $60 and you sale them with a lower price than the official website, the profit you made is not just a few dollars per piece. Comparing with other gemstones bracelets of secondary class, the profit premium brought by Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale is incomparable.

2 Quality

Comparing with other bracelets, Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale not only has the advantage of premium, but also have advanced quality.

a. Color
The colors of Swarovski crystal bracelets are very pure and will give out beautiful iridescence. They are transparent and have no air bubble or blemish.

b. Cutting
The advanced cutting of Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale are the reason that why these crystals are so stunning and glossy. They have many facets which can make the crystal shinning like the real diamond. What’s more, the cutting lines are very shape and the facets are very smooth.

c. Transmittance
If you get to know more about Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale, you will know that Swarovski crystal bracelets has wonderful transmittance which the normal man-made crystals and natural crystals cannot compare with.

d. Specification and Warranty card
Every Swarovski crystal bracelets has a specification and a warranty card in the package. Buyers will enjoy rational after-sale service directly from the Swarovski Company and make you earn good reputation when you are doing Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale.

3 Customer psychology and the brand effect

Why people will choose Swarovski crystal bracelets instead of other bracelets with cheaper price? Customer psychology and the brand effect will be an important facts that influent people’s purchase. Most of people believe that the expensive the bracelet is, the better quality it has; and they also thing jewelry from big brand is trustworthy. You are doing Swarovski crystal bracelets wholesale business, you should listen to what people’ thoughts.

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