Buy Indian Gold Plated Jewelry OR Chinese Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelry has remained a hip topic in the current fashion world, which is a jewelry that will cost less than an analogous piece made mostly from gold. Before buying gold plated jewelry, make sure that you are informed of a good place to get started. Now, let us see the difference between the Indian gold plated jewelry versus Chinese gold plated, which can help you know clearly where to begin.

Indian gold plated jewelry:

They look more unique in the design. The unique designs give this gold plated jewelry a bold yet elegant look. This jewelry can add dazzle and elegance to any outfit and suits best for any special occasion. It focuses more on the exquisite designs, so if you would like to get wholesale gold plated jewelry with delicate appearance and exquisite detail, choose to buy gold plated jewelry from India.

They look in more high quality. Generally speaking, fashion jewelry can be an amazing alternative to genuine solid precious metal like 24 karat solid gold. It is much more cost effective and it still look and feel great. The gold plated jewelry from India is made with such precision and care that you will not able to distinguish it from the high quality piece with the naked eye. Of course, it costs you more in the money.

They give more local favors. As is known to all, India is a very colorful country, not just in its geography, but also in its jewelry styles. Jewelry is one such thing that is used with equal fervor across the country and every woman will own both basic and elaborate jewelry. To get the hot selling jewelry at the local place, India gold plated jewelry is right choice.

Chinese gold plated jewelry:

They look more fashionable. Compared with the gold plated jewelry from India, China produces more fashionable styles jewelry. Take Viennois-online, China NO.1 jewelry supplier as an example, with a long history in fashion jewelry design and making, Viennois has accumulated quite good knowledge of materials applied into fashion jewelry and the fashion trend of materials using. The gold plated jewelry from here always has the ability to lead the mainstream.

They have more various choices. It is no surprise that China has attracted an influx of global luxury brands with some arriving in the country in the early 1990s. With so many jewelry markets appearing, all the jeweler push out different styles of gold plated jewelry to remain competitive in the jewelry market. There is no exception about Viennois-online. No matter which country you are from, you can get easily your desired gold plated jewelry styles to make best sales in the local.

They have brighter luster. With the high technologies in the gold plating jewelry, the gold plated jewelry from China has a long lasting luster and not easy to fade. Viennois-online has the exquisite plating technology for more than 18 years, which enables it to make higher quality jewelry. You can find thicker layers of the coatings and they are also designed for the specific countries like Nigeria, Middle East, and Africa.

They cost you less. With the lower cost you need to pay when wholesale gold plated jewelry from China, you can build yourself a nice jewelry collection without spending your life savings or sacrificing quality. And there is also good news that is with proper care, you can still have years of enjoyment out of the gold plated jewelry you have.


Whether you decide to buy Indian gold plated jewelry or Chinese, there are a lot of benefits from it. Therefore, it is advised that you choose according to your specific needs and hopefully the discussion will help make you get the best deals. Good luck!

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