Top 4 Wholesale 14K Gold Plated Earrings

Earrings are always the first thing that will attract people’s attention when they watch a person because people always look at other’s face during the talk and the earrings will affect people’s impression more or less. So many people like to wear earring than any other jewelry no matter what events they are attending. Comparing with the outrageous price of diamond and real gold earrings, the wholesale 14k gold plated earrings are absolutely people’s best price for the affordable price and the beautiful appearance which is golden and glossy. This article is going to give you 4 recommended wholesale 14K gold plated earrings for your wholesale collection.

1 Drop & Dangle earrings

1 Drop & Dangle earrings

Many people would like to choose Drop & Dangle wholesale 14K gold plated earrings as their daily wearing and a part of their party collocations. One of the best explanation of this situation is that the design of Drop & Dangle wholesale 14K gold plated earrings are more luxury and delicate. Being added with many fashion elements like beads, sequins, tassels and big sliced metal pendants, all these Drop & Dangle wholesale 14K gold plated earrings can greatly modify ladies’ face and make them look wonderful thought without other jewelries.

2 Hoop small stud earrings

Hoop small stud earrings are very popular among people of different ages and regions. They are very delicate and tiny and they can be worn whenever and wherever you like. They are basically hoops but there are some hasps that for wearing and they are also have different appearances like stars and geometry shapes. These wholesale 14K gold plated earrings are loved by many people not only because they are beautiful but also because they are easy to match clothes and they are not easily to lost them.

3 Pearl embedded

Pearl embedded wholesale 14K gold plated earrings are very popular around the world. They have the noble beautiful and mellow texture of pearl, and they also have the gorgeous golden gloss of the plated gold layer, which will create a wonderful and warm color and luster. Wearing a pair of wholesale 14K gold plated earring embedded with pearl will make people look graceful and tasteful.

4 Rhinestone embedded

The forth type of wholesale 14K gold plated earrings has inset rhinestones which can give out colorful and glaring luster. For example, these three wholesale 14K gold plated earrings are from Viennois-online, the No.1 fashion jewelry suppliers, have bright surface and wonderful reflection. All of these earrings are having pure colors and containing no blemish. You can found the beauty of these earrings in any details.

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