Wholesale Fashion Jewelry Online or from Local Supplier


Fashion jewelry has really blown a trend in fashion world. The need of fashion jewelry is very large which comes from both man and woman. So the wholesale fashion jewelry trade is also blooming and it speed up as the development of the internet. Most of jewelry wholesalers know that it is very important to find a reliable fashion jewelry supplier. Then which one is better for fashion jewelry wholesalers, online supplier or local supplier? Here we will discuss this.

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from Local Suppliers

1 Can save the shipping fee

If you try to wholesale fashion jewelry from local suppliers, you don’t need to pay a large sum of shipping fee for your order. What you really need to pay is the traffic fee during finding the fashion jewelry suppliers or some phone call bills.

2 Can get help in local area

The advantage of wholesaling fashion jewelry from local supplier is that you can get help from the local area. You can ask people you know to help you or give you some recommendations for which fashion jewelry supplier is more trusted. Some states may have absolute priority for local businessmen so they can enjoy some extra discounts. And when there are some problems occur, people can go straightly to the fashion jewelry company to ask for solution.

3 Can make sure the quality

When you are going to the local jewelry supplier to wholesale fashion jewelry, you can see the wholesale fashion jewelry you need and text the quality by yourself. By this way, you don’t need to worry that you will be cheated by the supplier.

4 Can catch up with the regional need of the market

The local fashion jewelry suppliers clearly know the situation of the local fashion jewelry market and they know what the local people like, so you don’t need to do the fashion trend research by yourself.


Wholesale Fashion Jewelry from Online Suppliers

1 Can save the traffic fee, time and energy

To wholesale fashion jewelry online can help you save time, energy and traffic fee during looking for jewelry suppliers. What you need to do is search the trusted fashion jewelry supplier you want and visit the website to select the wholesale fashion jewelry you want and pay the money.

2 Offer one to one service

Most of the famous fashion jewelry brand offer one to one service to each customer. They can answer your questions as quickly as they can and give you the most thorough explanations. Big companies like Viennois-online and Alibaba.com will provide the best service like this.

3 Have various choices

To wholesale fashion jewelry online is very convenient and also has various choices. Your choice will no longer limited by the regional design but diverse designs from all over the world. Newest fashion jewelry will help you promote your fashion jewelry business.

4 Have thorough after-sale service

You don’t need to worry that your order is risky because the online shopping is very safe. If you don’t like your products or the products are damaged, you can apply for refund or change the products. Viennoi-online provide service like 3-days no risk refund.

5 Have lower price

Most of the wholesale fashion jewelry online is having a lower price than the local fashion jewelry suppliers because most of the online suppliers have their own factory and they can give you the factory price.


If you don’t need to wholesale fashion jewelry in bulk, you can choose the local fashion jewelry supplier but if you want to wholesale in package, the online wholesale will be a better choice for you to save more money, time and energy.

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