Wholesale Jewelry Sets Collection for Wedding Party: Cubic Zirconia or Rhinestone

There are many similarities between cubic zirconia and rhinestone. Both of them are used widely in making jewelry. Some people would like to buy wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets whole others thing rhinestone jewelry sets are better for wedding party. Then since both of them have many color and diverse designs, which is the best for wholesale jewelry sets collection for wedding party after all? Let’s see.

wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets

1 Composition

Some people may still confuse about the definition and the texture of cubic zirconia jewelry sets and rhinestone jewelry sets. The basic difference is the composition of the cubic zirconia and the rhinestone. Though they are both sparkle like the genuine diamonds, they have different composition but both of them are not minerals. Cubic zirconia is made out of zirconium oxide while the rhinestone is made out of glass rock or acrylic. The composition decides the wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets are more advanced.

2 Reflections

The reflection can be the key point to distinguish these two gemstones. The reflection of rhinestone is low and it cannot give out the similar gloss as diamond. When processing the wholesale rhinestone jewelry sets, rhinestones are usually set in brass to take the advantage of the reflective quality of the metal backing so that they can look brighter and give out beautiful gloss. But during manufacturing the wholesale cubic zirconis jewelry sets, they don’t have special requirements for the metals because they have good reflection and what’s more, they have double refractions which will cause a marvelous optical phenomenon.

3 Durability

The durability of the wholesale rhinestone jewelry sets and wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets are not comparable to genuine diamond. But comparing with the rhinestone jewelry, the wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets are more durable and not easy to be damaged as the rhinestones jewelries for they have stronger hardness and abrasion resistance. If people do well in maintaining cubic zirconia jewelry sets, they can keep shining and can be worn for a long time after the wedding party.

4 Price

The prices of these two kinds of jewelry sets are also different. Normally the wholesale cubic zirconia jewelry sets will cost much more than buying rhinestone jewelries. You can tell why from their composition and cutting craftworks. Though the price of wholesale cubic jewelry sets are more expensive than the rhinestone jewelry sets, but the profit you can earn from selling wholesale cubic jewelry sets will be more considerable because most of couples would like the best jewelry sets for their wedding party and the price is really not a problem.

So, I think you have the answer of wholesaling cubic zirconia jewelry sets or rhinestone jewelry sets. If you want to find a trustworthy cubic zirconia jewelry sets supplier, you can visit Viennois-online, which will provide you quality products and reasonable price.

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