What ARE the Birthstones for December?

You may ask what the birthstone is for December. Err…Maybe we should ask what the birthstones are for December. This is because the fact that there are many birthstones of December. Therefore, you do have so much to learn about these different birthstones.

The different Birthstones for December

There are three main gemstones for December, tanzanite, zircon and turquoise, each of which carries a unique blue tone making it perfect birthstone for December. We have collected some facts about these wonderful gemstones.


As a popular December’s birthstone, tanzanite has a beautiful and intense blue color, which is also the main reason why tanzanite becomes so popular. Until today, tanzanite has been applied into the fashion jewelry industry for so long a time though there are no any powerful, mysterious powers associated to it. Of course, what it lacks in history, it will compensate with beauty.

Tanzanite jewelry is loved particularly by the African. Why? This is because that it is regarded as the soul of Africa. At all times, tanzanite jewelry a very highly sought after and are an indicator of wealth and good taste, which are especially prized because of stocks of this stone is left on earth for more than ten years, which also makes the collectors all over the world to buy December Birthstone. Besides, tanzanite jewelry fashion is also favored by the houses today, as they are searching for non-traditional materials and colors. With so many varieties available, like tanzanite earrings, pendants, brooches, rings, they are more signs of high style, luxury and charm attached to its owner.

Blue zircon

A stone of stability, December’s blue zircon has been known to promote wisdom and uplift the mind. Wear blue zircon to promote spiritual growth, optimism, and prosperity. Zircon has a brilliant sheen on the surface. Although relatively hard, zircon is somewhat brittle and therefore sensitive to knocks and pressure. This gem has the tendency to wear along facet edges. Its use in rings should therefore be limited to protective settings or occasional wear jewelry. You can find them brown to orange or red and the blue zircon is achieved by heat treatment.

With large specimens of zircon are occasionally found, most gems on the market are relatively small. Large and high quality blue zircons can be quite expensive. Yet blue topaz is a gemstone that looks very similar and is available in large sizes at affordable prices. Thus, blue topaz is a popular alternative December birthstone.


Turquoise is considered by some to be a symbol of good fortune and success and they are also believed to bring good prosperity and good luck to the wearer. The most valued variety of turquoise is an intense sky blue color. As they can be finely polished, the turquoise jewelry always appears the best luster and can be designed into the delicate detail.

Generally, turquoise needs some kind of treatment to enhance its color and make it suitable for jewelry. Therefore, do not forget to ask whether and how the stone has been treated before buying. When shopping for turquoise jewelry, make sure you avoid “Vienna Turquoise”. It sounds exotic and refined, but in reality it is just a cheap class imitation. Some vendors sell fake turquoise and it is not always easy to recognize it, especially if you are shopping online. Generally, a natural stone will have a color that varies in intensity and is not perfectly even, whereas fakes look too perfect. Keep in mind that sellers are legally required to disclose all treatment of the turquoise they sell and also whether the stone is real.


Tanzanite, blue zircon and turquoise are the three main birthstones for December, so that you can have different choices when get the gemstones jewelry for this special month. Hope what has been discussed can be of great help for you. To know more about the birthstone jewelry, follow our official website: http://viennois-online.com/blog Good luck!

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