Hot Sale List of Fashion Opal Bracelets

Opal is famed for its special cat eye effect and its beautiful and unique luster which look noble. It is also the symbol of love, wishes, friendship, hop and power. People believe that opal can bring people good luck and bless. Thus, opal is widely used in making jewelry. Wearing opal jewelry can make people feel confidence and bring them good luck. For the special magnetic field, opal jewelry can not only give people fabulous ornament effect but also improve people’s health and strengthen their memory. Since there are so many people like opal jewelry, here are five recommended hot sale opal bracelets for your reference.

1 Japan and Korea Sweet style

Japan -Korea Sweet style opal bracelets are mainly designed with pink opal and beads, which are loved by many teenage girls. By adding with other alloy beads and gemstones ornaments, this opal bracelet is very adorable and fashion. The leopard accessory embedded with cubic zirconia is also a highlight that can attract many people’s attention.

2 European style

European style opal bracelets are inclined to magnificent, noble and retro felling in jewelry designs. A big red Swarovski crystal drop seems the focus of this opal bracelet, but actually, the two round and mellow opal charms are so delicate and beautiful that will not be covered by the dazzling luster of red crystal. Matxhing with a simulated pearl chain, this opal bracelet is very noble.

3 The Middle Eastern style

The Middle Easter style bracelets are chartered by their luxury design and great decorative effect. Most of them have beautiful gold platting and delicate designs. This opal bracelet is made of heart shaped charms that are embedded with opals or cubic zirconia. The design of this opal bracelet is not that mature and they can pair different outfits.

4 Russian style

Russian style opal bracelets are hit sale and they are famous of well craft work in details like carving and the coloe collision. The white of the simulated pearl matched with the green olive gemstones are very elegant and graceful. They are suitable for mature women to wear them because it can bring out women’s mature feminine charm fully.

5 South American style

South American style opal bracelets stress the concise designs as well as the color collocation. This rose gold plated opal bracelet is olive branch shape and embedded with sea blue crystals which have a strong comparison with the mellow opal. It has different visual effect when you look at it from far away and from the nearby.

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